Interview 8: The Audience Asks – Vlado Answers 28 July 2019

  Preslav – Romantic or evil characters do you prefer to play? Why? Vlado – I hate the most to play romantic characters. If it is a romantic in a comedy, to ridicule and mock him – ok. But romantic for real is awfully boring. I do not like that. I like extreme characters – […]

Interview 7: The Audience Asks – Vlado Answers 07 June 2019

via GIPHY Nikol – Where does Vlado live? What does he do in his day? Vlado – I live in Sofia, I think this is known information. My days are dynamic and varied. I am filming, rehearsing, performing on stage, travelling, writing stories for my website, eating, shopping, driving a car, paying my bills, giving […]

Interview 6: The Audience Asks – Vlado Answers 30 January 2019

  D…ooo – Can I have a photo Vlado – I enclose here a whole set of photos. I hope you will be glad. ************* Subscriber – How were you created Vlado – I suppose the people responsible for my creation are two. If it were one, you would not have been asking me now, […]

Interview 5: The Audience Asks – Vlado Answers 15 December 2018

DIDENTSE – Vlado … First: YOU ARE GREAT! Great actor and … photographer (smiley) I wish you health and to please us with your work for many years (flirt) And second: When will we have the honour to watch the “Devil’s Throat” series? Greetings from a very favourite place of mine (flirt) Vlado – Didentse-Videntse, […]

Interview 4: The Audience Asks – Vlado Answers 06 December 2018

I will begin this interview with two very kind letters sent to my website e-mail. I could not help but publish them. Thank you Valentina, thank you Evgenia.   Valentina Dimitrova Hello 🙂 At great risk of you considering me crazy , I want to share something with you, just like that, for no reason, […]


And the third interview is ready! Enjoy reading! Vania – Have you thought of being a director? Vlado – No. It is a different profession and a very responsible one. Let the cobbler stick to his last. ***** Kristina – Is his career the top thing in his life? Vlado – My career has absorbed me. Whether I like it or […]

Interview 2: The Audience Asks – Vlado Answers! 02 November 2018

A few months ago for the first time I answered your questions, which you left to my assistant in Viber – the chatbot Vladrob Smartloop. It was one of the most entertaining and meaningful interviews I had ever given. You can read it here. I saw a lot of sense in answering directly to you […]

Vladrob Passed Me Your Questions – I Answered Them 15 August 2018

My secretary – Vladrob Connecto chatbot, who lives in Viber, passed me a bunch of questions you asked me through him. I want this contact with you to become a section on my website. A section where I will answer the questions you have left to my secretary. He told me everything but I did […]

Few rather different questions … and some quite honest answers 17 January 2018

At the end of December 2017 I started my website and among the first emails in my “office” mail was a letter from a girl. There were … questions in it. I was very impressed because these questions (in her opinion) would not be asked by the Bulgarian media. According to her, in recent years […]