Foods I Love since I Was a Child up to the Age of 40 08 March 2019

In two months I will turn 40. There will be many balance-sheets. But more and more I think about how much I miss my grandmothers and their dishes. How much I miss getting home after all day out playing games or at school, and a favourite dish is waiting for me at home. My mother […]

2018 – The Balance-sheet… 24 December 2018

I think it is good every year a person to make a balance-sheet of what he has achieved and what not, what silly notions he has had in his head. Even if it is just for the archive. I love when after certain time, when I have a different mind, to remember what it was, […]

Photography in My Life 27 August 2018

Ever since I remember I was always loaded with photos and ever since I remember I’ve harassed my friends to shoot them. I want to tell you how this obsession with photography came to, the road I passed, and why I like doing it so much. I will tell you about all my cameras and […]

How I Became an Actor …continues 05 July 2018

After the comments in social media following the posting of my story “How I Became an Actor”, I thought that the story actually continues. The second part is maybe even more interesting than the first one. Here is the continuation, though I have already shared it partly in different interviews. The first part had a […]

How I Became an Actor… 18 June 2018

The story started when I was a little child and my parents often took me to a theatre play. From these performances I remember nothing but the emotions. I couldn’t imagine how this thing before me happens. Is it true or not? Is it real what I see? Do the actors read the text from […]

2017 – The Balance-sheet … 31 December 2017

I decided to draw a written balance-sheet of the year about to end in just a few days. Why? 2017 was the hardest and most difficult year in my life, but also one of the best. I always liked the number 7. When I was a child and people asked me what was my favorite […]

My hobbies 24 December 2017

  It’s a huge part of my character. I have always been obsessed with certain things, and until I get very good I don’t quit. Actually, these are my hobbies. They take up half of my life. I’ve collected everything. It was not just collecting but a passionate pursuit. It included crying, despair, lies and […]

The beauty we have to discover 22 December 2017

Maybe a person has to grow up and reach a certain age in order to discover the really beautiful things in life. When you are young you are busy with more pragmatic things. Your senses are occupied with pursuits of career, recognition, self-improvement, with more shallow thoughts and beauties. For me the real beauty is […]

About cakes and brothers 17 December 2017

I graduated the Culinary School in Sofia, just to get my secondary education degree there. My brother Ivan graduated the same school but to follow his dream to become a pastry chef. I studied in Culinary School because there was nowhere else to go. I failed the math examinations after 7th and 8th grade so […]

Jeremy Irons in “Bristol Old Vic” and the “long journey” into a dream 17 December 2017

I can honestly say that by my criteria Jeremy Irons is absolutely among the top 3 best actors. I’ve seen all of his movies but I’ve never seen him on stage. And exactly theatre is the precise measurer of an actor’s qualities. Everything “shows up” there, and it gets clear if you have the energy […]