A Week of an Actor 26 July 2019

The life of the actor runs a little stranger than the lives of all other people. The differences are many. One of the positive ones is that we have a 2-month vacation, like the children. All children love vacations, actors – too. We do not ask for paid leaves, I have heard about them from […]

The Ignorance of the Pundits 14 June 2019

It is good that I have a site. It is very suitable for texts like the one you will read now. This way I stand 100% behind my words, they are genuine and as I want them to be. I rarely write explanatory stories, since I do not think I am competent on most topics. […]

“An Ideal Husband” – The Production I Grew up with 04 February 2019

  On February 10th, we will perform the production “An Ideal Husband” for the 150th time. A nice jubilee and an occasion to tell you more about the production. About the 12 years we have performed it. There were many bright events around it. I gathered self-confidence from the full halls. But, let me begin. […]

Theatre’s Night – The Initiative That is a Friend of the Theatre 17 November 2018

I write this text as a balance-sheet. For the Theatre’s Night initiative, which does for the theatre as much as no one else is doing in our country for this art. For six years already. It is something, not much, and not unique – there are many such platforms all over the world. On one […]

About a Production and a Friendship 23 April 2018

For the small jubilee (the 50th performance on stage) of “God of the Carnage”, I’d like to write this text. And to explain how important it is in this acting profession of ours that things happen with like-minded and close people, with whom it’s a pleasure to live this life at all. When a project […]

The fight to be a “bear” 22 January 2018

I’ve been visiting London for the last several years since my brother and his family live there. These trips allow me to observe what’s happening with theatre and theatre system there – how does this machine work, how do actors, directors, theatre companies function, what’s the communication with viewers and how advertising works … This […]

The Tree of Life 08 January 2018

  I’m very pleased to write this text because it takes me back to those months when we were filming “The Tree of Life” series. Right when Evtim (Miloshev) invited me, I realized this project will become very important to me. Because it tells about the Bulgarian history, because of my character and the colleagues […]

Power game… 90 minutes with “Art” in London 23 November 2017

At the end of December 2016 I went to London for the Christmas and New Year holidays, as well as on some theatrical “missions”. The main one was “Art” in The Old Vic. I had tickets for several productions, and I was certain that on 27th December I’ll see “Buried Child” with Ed Harris. I […]