Evtim Miloshev, or an Anchor and a Watch Keeping the Spirit of Something Real 2 May 2018

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There are people with whom life connects you. Just like that, without much wanting or looking for them. People with whom you go through storms and beautiful moments, through joy and troubles. But despite everything, they are around you and you help each other in this battle called Life. Evtim is one of those few people around me. I want to write this about him, because he is not exactly the man people know. With a few stories I want to describe what kind of person he actually is and most importantly how I see him. I’ll set aside the successful businessman with the big companies, the projects, and the opportunities he has and which he has acquired himself.

I’ll start with the fact that Evtim is a sour big city boy who grew up on “Maria Luisa” boulevard near the Lion Bridge (at the centre of the Capital Sofia). He graduated in Architecture, and this is still one of his most favourite things to do. Not to construct buildings but to be interested in architecture. He is a typical Sofia man, slightly rascal, abrupt and with a natural self-confidence, like most children from the city centre. He has not many inhibitions, and quite often he acts rough in life situations. He is intelligent and extremely curious. About everything. This is one of his greatest qualities, which is also quite annoying at times. But exactly this curiosity makes him an ultramodern man. With a sense of humour. Pretty good one. Quite hot-tempered. If you ask him if he’s hot-tempered, he’ll deny it. He will say he is a steady businessman who leads a lot of people coolly and calmly. But I’m telling you he is not such. Hot temper is in his nature. He has become more patient in time, but he’s still hot-tempered. Nowadays he turns red, but remains silent. Though it’s not easy on the inside. Taurus, like me. We’ve had many fights, but we’ve also had many happy moments together. When we work together, I try to separate friendship from work, and I think I manage to do it. If you think these are connections – no, these are not connections. Neither did he seek me, nor did I him. Again, this is the work of life. He goes to the theatre when I have a premiere and I play. He has seen other productions too, but he prefers the ones with me. At the end he looks whether the audience applauds me the most. He once told me this, and since then I’m worried when I know he’s in the hall and I cross fingers the audience to applaud me properly so he won’t be disappointed. When he watches me in the theatre, he is proud of me. He has told me so. I know his relatives and friends. All good people.

I first met him at the casting for Survivor in 2007. I didn’t like him very much. Just like I didn’t like all the close people I have. The first impressions are awful and then everything turns. The same happened with him. Around the negotiations he was taking me to expensive restaurants and this was totally outrageous for me, but I kept silent. We left for Dominica. Many things happened there. We lived together and every day we went through the difficulties of this format together. When you go through such an intense living, with everything from the general life but multiplied and concentrated, there is no way not to become close to the person who is next to you, who believes in you and helps you. We came back and the next year we left again. And then again. Then we made “Tree of Life” – an incredible project in the Bulgarian reality. In the meantime, we travelled several times on vacation together. I stirred his enthusiasm for diving for a while and we went to diving destinations. We did a few smaller projects. Then we went to shoot Survivor again, then the “Devil’s Throat”. I have participated in his most important and significant projects. And I think this is no coincidence.

When we shot Survivor in Panama, few things happened that I will share here. They are related to two objects. Evtim decided to buy an expensive watch to wear during the filming. Generally, he doesn’t wear a watch, but it was necessary there. He bought a watch that is the symbol of the adventurous spirit – the master of depths and oceans.

During the filming, once I saw a golden anchor hanging on a thin gold chain on the chest of one of the local island boys working for the production. I fell in love with it. It had the spirit of this archipelago, the spirit of the Pearl Islands. I asked him where he got it from and he told me it was his grandfather’s. And it was given to him by his grandfather, who was a pirate. This anchor is priceless, I thought. I admit I wanted it very much, and I was going to ask him if he would sell it to me. But I didn’t ask. The story has spread. It was interesting, and we saw the boy every day. Evtim also liked the jewellery. Not a day went by without someone from the team going there and enjoying it. The boy became somewhat of a celebrity. At the end of the format he came to me and told me he wanted to sell it to me. I told him it’s valuable to his family and it was not good to sell it to me. He shared his logics with me. He said his people were poor. That this is just an object, and if it helps him to feed his family for a short period of time – it will be better for him. He told me the price and without giving any thought I gave him the money. The anchor was mine. But somehow I wasn’t happy. I felt guilty, even though I had no blame.

I remember one more thing from this period. One of my best days. I had no rest during this format. But it happened so that one day turned out free. Evtim knew this in advance and secretly organized a small two-seater to fly to the capital of Panama and spend one day in the civilization. It was a great day. I saw Cindy Crawford in the mall advertising the brand of watches that Evtim bought. Nothing is coincidence. I remember every minute of that day. The market, the cheesecakes, the souvenirs, the hairdresser’s salon, the lunch, the walk, the bags that we stuffed in the small plane.

We finished shooting the format and returned to Bulgaria. We all went on living our ordinary lives. I had the anchor, but I didn’t wear it. One night I dreamed of it belonging to the captain of a pirate ship who was killed in a brutal fight by the boy’s great-grandfather, and thus the anchor on the chain had become his. And now it’s in Sofia. Survivor Panama was extremely successful. The most successful TV show ever. We were very proud. All these months were not in vain. Evtim is a man who can drive a big ship, make important and difficult decisions. Thanks to his decisions, the format turned out great. The responsibility for such a big endeavour is great. He can bear it. And I said to myself that this anchor is actually for him. For the captain of this format and this group of people who went thousands of miles from home to strange waters. After many years, the anchor will be on the captain’s chest again. I waited for the finale of the project, which was in December 2008, and I gave the anchor to him. As far as I know, it’s now in some safe and it’s put on only for important occasions. Maybe it’s one of Evtim’s most valuable items. This little thing embeds our memories, thoughts and feelings. There is a preserved piece of our life in it.

In 2017 we shot the TV series “Devil’s Throat”. A very large project to be broadcast on TV. I was concerned because it was something very difficult to do as an acting assignment. I really wanted to hold on to something. The artist of the show wanted me to wear a watch and she had brought a few. Then I remembered Evtim’s watch, which he had not put on since Panama. In my head, it was part of our most successful mutual project. I imagined that through the watch I could bring the spirit of this success to the series too. Hours before the first scene, I told Evtim about this. He got angry that I didn’t tell him earlier, but after a tough organization, on the first day, shooting the first scene, the second they said “Action” a man reached out and handed the watch to me. I put it on and the “Devil’s Throat” started. A month after the shooting at a special dinner Evtim gave it to me as a present, just like I gave him the anchor. The watch has become also a valuable piece of our mutual work and our friendship. Now only time will show if it has helped us and has brought the spirit of success to this series.

Evtim Miloshev is one of the most successful Bulgarian producers in the show business. He has realized dozens of successful TV projects, series, entertainment shows, film productions, theatre productions. Every year, he employs hundreds of people. Evtim is trying to develop this industry in Bulgaria. He creates and works here, and I think he doesn’t want to leave the country.

Thanks to Pepe that he resisted and even enjoyed this photo session.

Text – Vladimir Karamazov

Photographer – Vladimir Karamazov for #Karamazovfoto

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