Interview 2: The Audience Asks – Vlado Answers! 2 November 2018

A few months ago for the first time I answered your questions, which you left to my assistant in Viber – the chatbot Vladrob Smartloop. It was one of the most entertaining and meaningful interviews I had ever given. You can read it here. I saw a lot of sense in answering directly to you and not to journalists who, with few exceptions, ask all the same questions. That is why I made a special button in the chatbot – “Write to Vlado”. Every day I receive questions from you. My logic is that if you have opened the chatbot, if you have found the button and you have asked me a question – then you really want to do it. And this is a good reason for me to answer. Some of you will wonder why exactly through the chatbot in Viber. Because it is a new and interesting network. The other social networks are very massive, there I get all kinds of messages and it is very difficult for me to select just your questions. Keep writing to me wherever you want. When I have time, I read and I am happy with your good words. But if you want to ask me something, the safest way is through the chatbot in Viber. There your question will find my answer for sure. Here are the next questions from you and my answers. Let’s call it “Interview 2: The Audience Asks – Vlado Answers!”.


Christina – Hello Vlado! First, I want to tell you that you are one of my favourite actors and the opportunity to chat with you … (unique feeling). I want to ask you something. Would you recommend a female monologue? P.S. My dream is to become an actress, and although everyone tells me how difficult it is, I am determined not to give up. I was very impressed by your story about how you became an actor. Greetings from Dupnitsa

Vlado – I would put some efforts to discourage you from this dream, but I know I will not succeed. So, if you really want it, pull yourself together, mobilize yourself and act. Know that you will enter a huge centrifuge, from which there will be no exit. You will cry a lot, but you will be happy too. I wish you success! Read the Shakespeare’s comedies. Pay attention to “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and the character of Elena, as well as the character of Adriana in “The Comedy of Errors”. Both have very good monologues, which are suitable for the NATFA entry exams.


Simeon – How are you?

Vlado At this moment, on October 5th, 2018, I am tired because I am filming all day long, but I am happy because I like it!


Subscriber – Where do you live?

VladoIn Sofia. I grew up in the “Iliyantsi” neighbourhood. Now I live in the centre.


Afy – You are very grapes

Vlado “Grapes”? Maybe you mean ugly? Beauty is a relative thing and it is quite possible I seem ugly to you. But that is not important. At 65 we will all be ugly. What kind of people we are and what is inside us is far more important. And if you think I am “grapes” (the fruit), I will laugh and say well, let me be grapes!


Aisel – What happened to the show “Bingo Millions”? I was a participant in it and the experience was great

Vlado The show failed to evolve and stopped broadcasting. It is difficult to make such a show, moreover when there is another quite successful one. It was a great experience for me because I had to interact with many people and to host very dynamically the show. It was a nice period, but in the acting profession everything is very dynamic. Now I am shooting a series.


Bogdanka – Can I have a photo

Vlado Of course. I did not ask what photo, but the ones here are especially for you. And if you want to take a photo with me, you have to come to the theatre to watch some production and then wait for me at the back entrance.


Raffy – Why did you decide to become an actor?

Vlado Recently I wrote a text just about that, here is a link to the article and you will understand in details WHY – Click here. Enjoy reading!


Kaloian – What is your favourite dish?

VladoStuffed peppers with rice, the traditional Bulgarian banitsa, roasted chicken with potatoes, and scrambled eggs. All are things from my childhood.


Carry  – How did you think of the idea of Viber bot?

Vlado I did not think of it, I simply found out about this novelty in the messaging channels through my cooperation with Viber. It seemed very interesting. It turned out that a friend of mine is part of a start-up company team that makes such chatbots. I met the team and they were looking for a partner to develop their bots. They needed feedback on how the system works, what I do not like, what I like, what I need, and so on. We did a lot of things and we improved a lot. This team launched into space after a US giant company bought them. Now my bot is transferred to – a company with very cool people. And I continue with them. I think the bot is a great thing, especially for fans like you, because it is interesting, and it is an unusual way to quickly find information.


V A – What languages do you know besides Bulgarian??

Vlado VA, I only know Bulgarian and “Gypsy” English. I did not have time to learn well a language, and this is one of my great gaps. But I am aware of it, I often think about it and I will do everything possible in this life to learn one language to perfection.


Ralitsa – Hello! I wish you could tell about your tattoos. What do they mean? Why did you make them? Are you planning new ones? Please, also show them with more detailed photos. Thanks in advance…

Vlado My tattoos. It all started when I was 18. I made three small and mega ugly ones. They draw them very badly. So badly that after a while I tried to remove one with a laser and it became even worse. I wanted to fix them, but I had to make a lot bigger ones. Over the years, I was afraid that since I am an actor they might not give me a role because of them. But that time has passed. Now I do not care if they give me a role or not. And I decided the rest of my life not to comply with anything and to do what I like and what makes me happy. And so, I started with what I have always wanted – tattoos. The geisha on my right arm depicts the year 2017. In 2017 there have been very bad but also very good events. I will remember it – forever. Everything in this picture has its meaning, and every event has its place in it. On my left arm is the angel stabbing the devil in the throat. This is so I will not forget the old truth that good always defeats evil. I have others, but I do not want to comment on them. As for whether I will continue – oh y-e-e-e-s! Every time a huge event occurs in my life, it will be depicted on my body.


Afy – Are you ugly

Vlado Very much and I have a slight smell


Subscriber – How come you are so cute?

VladoAfy asked if I was ugly, now you ask how come I am so cute. I have no idea, I think I am not that cute. From aside, things do not look as they are.


Verony – What do you think is the most important value in life, and if you could delete something from the world what would it be?

Vlado There are two values for me, though I have not reached one of them yet. One is to work what you love and the work to be your hobby. We spend a great deal of our lives at work, and if it is something we do not like and do not want, life can become a real grief. The other one is to have a child. It is set in us and I think it is the greatest happiness.


Subscriber – Are you excited about your participation in “Stolen Life” series

Vlado Very much. This long form of telling a story and shooting was not familiar to me. And, like every new thing, it was a challenge. Now I am excited that people are excited while watching the series. I think they like Hristo Karagiozov. I also like him and I feel a bit sorry for him.


FANIA – Do you want us to have sex

Vlado – Dear Fania, if we start having sex just like that with anyone, we will discredit the human race. I am not a man who can go to bed with the first woman he meets. And if you see me in person, you might change your mind and desire.


Subscriber – What are you doing, Vlado?

VladoI am answering your questions!


Desita5 – Who is this?

Vlado I think you ask about the chatbot. It is Vladrob Smartloop. He is my assistant in Viber. Because of him, I am now answering this question.


Valentina – Without knowing the details, when you first announced in spring the chatbot’s name “VlaDROB”, I thought it was a hidden advertising of something related to “DROB” (TN – Bulgarian for “LIVER”) (maybe medicine, or something like a liver detox program, or a diet regime…). Then I realised that the idea was to connect “Vlado” and “robot” (if so at all). Nevertheless, still my first association for Vladrob is something related to “liver”…

Vlado No, there is no hidden advertising. You guessed right that I wanted to connect robot and Vlado. But it is funny, and we can call him Drob (“Liver”) Smartloop.


Valentina – Does Three Bears Entertainment continue to be in the same form or is there a change?

Vlado No, for now there is no activity, due to the many engagements of the three of us. Time will tell what will happen to Three Bears Entertainment.


Megsss – Hello! Has the shooting of season 6 of “Stolen Life” ended? And how can one make it to a casting for the series? I mean for episodic roles – as a patient, for example. Thanks

VladoIt has not ended. We will be shooting until early December. As for roles, I do not know if it will happen. Rather for extras. They take only actors, even if not active ones.

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