Interview 6: The Audience Asks – Vlado Answers 30 January 2019


D…ooo – Can I have a photo

Vlado – I enclose here a whole set of photos. I hope you will be glad.


Subscriber – How were you created

Vlado – I suppose the people responsible for my creation are two. If it were one, you would not have been asking me now, and I would not have been answering you. We would be communicating on another level, perhaps in the subconsciousness, perhaps somewhere in the thoughts through telepathy. Ask me again your question so I would understand it better.


Tedi – What’s the name of your accountant and what’s the name of the firm where she works? You’re amazing

Vlado – My accountant is great and very good. Her name is Mariella Ilieva, and her firm is called


Ivet – What were your values at the age of 20, and what are they now?

Vlado – I have realised very early that I have to devote myself to what I like and love. If I do not find it, and I work things in my life that are not on my heart, I will be unhappy. I went through various tests and I realised that I was right. I applied to schools that I was not interested studying in. I had low scores, and everything was pointing me that it was not what I wanted. I realised what I want and started to pursue it. My values, both then and now, are that life is a race with time. You have to manage and be ahead of the time in order to succeed. It is done with concentration, consciousness and desire. Now it is the same with me. I look at what I want to do from age 40 on. I try, search and act. I am in a race again.


Neli – What is your favourite colour

Vlado – Absolutely green. I like Emerald exactly because of that.


Svetlana – Hello! Besides the 7th season of “Stolen Life” what else?

Vlado – So. I have no idea for the television channels. For me personally, I can share that the following things are forthcoming. A very big project with Viber that I am eagerly expecting, broadcast of “Devil’s Throat”, forthcoming feature film in spring, and why not “Stolen Life”. Theatre is not present in my plans for this year.


Ivayla – If you wake up tomorrow with the things you are grateful to the Lord for, WHAT WOULD THAT THING BE?

Vlado – I am grateful that I always find interesting things to do. They enrich and charge me. I am grateful for being a seeking and curious person.


Adriana – What performance did you have on Friday (07/12/2018) when the series finale of “Stolen Life” was broadcasted at the cinema? I would like to ask Mr. Karamazov, will he participate in the 7th season of Stolen Life and will he get back with his wife or is it not clear yet? I also want to add that you are extremely talented and you had a great role in the film! I admire you, but I regret that you were not at the series finale at “Cinema City” in the Paradise Mall Sofia

I watched your 2017 interview with Mon Dieux, there you said that you are constantly afraid of losing a loved and close person, do you feel the same this year? And as far as I understood from the interview, you have no girlfriend (person next to you), a rest, is it still so and do you worry about losing her if you have one? How do you overcome a separation?

Is there anything true in what journalists write and have written about you and what is it? Is it true that you also like to travel often to England? If so why and what do you like there?

People like you (beautiful, talented and famous), how do you manage to “survive” amongst us, your fans? Do you sometimes want solitude and peace? To be just an “ordinary” person whom noone knows, not somebody

Vlado – On that date, I performed in “God of Carnage”. It ended at 20:30 h and I had to eventually appear at 21:00 h. But you should know that it is not that easy to arrange things like that by minutes. I do not know if you realise that our work involves a lot of tension. Appearing before audience is not a joke. From aside, it may look like something natural, but it is not. Every appearance is a stress because you expect from us, and we have to deliver. A performance for us, the actors, is a mill. We feel tired. To get dressed, to hurry after such a role, and to appear before another audience, is something that would further exhaust me mentally. The self-preservation tools start working inside me. Otherwise, I will be scattered. If I had no performance, I would have come.

The problem you have captured in the interview with Mon Dieux is something I am trying to solve. I will always worry about a close person. No matter if a girlfriend, a friend or a relative. I deal with separations very hard because they are part of a change. I do not like changes. But I learn to accept them.

Journalists have written many truths about me, but also many lies. These are normal things. I go to England because it is a place that charges me, mostly culturally. I go there because my brother lives in London.

You, the fans, also charge me, you do not bother me. I just cannot answer everyone and I hope nobody gets angry. It is physically impossible. But the things I do right now, I do them provoked by the fans. I feel the general moods and gaps and I think of some project for them. On my website, I have realised many such projects and it is because of the fans. If I want peace, I get it. You do not come to my home. Everything is fine and I am glad you exist and that you are active.


Tedi – How old is his girlfriend

Vlado – Who?


RADOST – My question to him is if he is ok, is he lucky and I wish him the very best

Vlado – Yes, I am fine. Things are going well for me (at least the things I do right now) and thank you for your wishes.


Plamena – What does he dream of? Does he dream at all?

Vlado – Hell yeah?! I never stop dreaming. My life is based on it. Now I dream of achieving the really great thing. I know what I mean. I dream non-stop.


Ani – Do you believe in love at first glance

Vlado – Yes. I do believe. I very much feel people. I recognise my people. I have had such cases. I just see them in the crowd of people. I firmly believe.


Dora – You seem a great artist and a very down-to-earth, natural and cool man. I follow your interviews here. I wonder how you find time to answer to so many people. I really liked your role and your performance in “Stolen Life”. My question is what is the place in the world you wish to visit but you have not yet succeeded?

Vlado – Peru, Colombia and Japan. But these are small worries. I have not visited them because I have been slightly lazy. There was a period of 10 years when I travelled constantly. I got tired and stopped. But I feel this passion returning through photography. I am glad that the trip to these countries lies ahead because I will take great photos.



Vlado – There it is. Thank you and the same to you. The time for easy will come as well. Just a little more.


Veselina – Would he be involved in a Hollywood production?

Vlado – Hell-daa!!!


Radi – I don’t have a question for now (smiley) I just want to say that you are a unique man and a great actor

Vlado – LOL. A wink from me.


Kremena – I don’t have questions I like you, a charismatic man and actor. The smile suits you, don’t be so serious on the pictures … please I personally would like pictures with more sparks in the eyes. Happy holidays Vladi!

Vlado – I will listen to your advice. I just do not like to simper too much. But just gloomy also does not work. I will find the balance.


Aleks – Is there a chance survivor to return? And if yes what is the chance because there are many people who want to watch it again

Vlado – I think I have said it before. This is an expensive project. Even too expensive for our country. I want it to return as well, since I am one of its biggest fans. I have not talked with the televisions about this. See, if it is to be done, everyone will hear about it. 100%. We will have to wait.


Borislava – Hello, you are a wonderful actor, and although I don’t know you, I believe you are a good person.

Vlado – For some people I am good, for others not. The important thing is that at the end, drawing the line, generally I have been a good person.


Antoniq – What do you wish for the New Year 2019?

Vlado – To be healthy and calm. To not get angry. I make an effort for this and I struggle with my nature.


Subscriber – Do you have someone

Vlado – I have.


Gery – What is it that makes you love a person? And a woman? Is there a difference?

Vlado – Well, there is nothing specific to pinpoint. It is special, unexpected, surprising. It is not planned or waited. You see something, you feel it, and you realise it is just what you might have been looking for. It is special and there is no formula.


Ani – Hello. I’m glad I came here. I’ve been your fan for many years, I’ve seen you in Rousse in “Spinach and Chips”, but I couldn’t get an autograph because I was on a hurry for a flight to London. Merry Christmas!

Vlado – I am also glad that you have found this place.


Subscriber – What is Vlado? Meaning is he a football player or something else?

Vlado – Oh yes, Vlado is primarily a football player. He has been playing for a long time and he is doing it great. In his spare time, he is an actor, but just slightly, tangentially.


Lia – Where are you from

Vlado – Sofia!


Subscriber – Can you give me the photo of your assistant?

Vlado – Here it is:


The – Why do you allow your bot to expose you??? (mad)(mad)(mad)

Vlado – Because I am cool and open-minded.


– When will you perform “NEO-Summerfolks” in Sliven?

Vlado – I do not know. Will we perform it? An acquaintance of mine, a very good actress, has become the director of the Sliven Theatre – Radost Kostova. I will ask her and will tell you.


Christian – How long has he been involved with theatre?

Vlado – Since I was 16. At that age I joined the theatre school of Boncho Urumov at “Slavyanska Beseda” community centre.


Subscriber – Will you be involved in the new season of Stolen Life?

Vlado – I really do not know.


Mihail – Which of his roles in which movie he feels most close to

Vlado – I like all my roles. The closest to me is Panto Valchev from “Tree of Life” series.


Valeria – What does he think of the name Valeria?

Vlado – I have a very close friend with this name and that is why I like it. It brings memories and a good mood. Good luck Valeria!


Subscriber – What did he want to become when he was a little boy

Vlado – I wanted to become a pilot. But I have no qualities for that. Someone up there knows what he is doing.


Aleks – Hello Vlado, my questions are two. The first question is this – Why did they quit survivor. The second is – Is there any chance survivor to return so many people are impatiently awaiting for it

Vlado – Aleks, I have already answered this question above.


Ninja – Why is the bot so dumb, for example, I wrote to him my name is niko and he writes What about you Vladimir, do you play FORTNITE SEIF DA LARALT ИЛИ BATEL ROIAL.

Vlado – The bot is a system that learns. After a few months it will be significantly upgraded and will be able to do a lot of things. You will see. And your question “Why is the bot dumb?“ is good. I have not played this game. I play Blood Born, God Of War.


Radostina – Favourite movie with Kevin Spacey? I watched an interview with you and you said you are a fan.

Vlado – I like him not just as an actor, I like his personality. I like his style and taste. He is a person who knows what he wants and how to achieve it. He is a predator in our profession, who manages to survive and fight. He knows everything about the profession. He is very good. He is like my set example. As for his movies, there are many – “Seven”, the series “House of Cards”…


Silvia – What’s new?

Vlado – Depends what is the last thing you know?


Bina – What do you think of Plovdiv? Is it worthy of a European Capital of Culture?

Vlado – I really like Plovdiv. It has become a great European city. I like to walk in Plovdiv. I think it is more than worthy of being a European Capital of Culture. I have high expectations and I believe that all foreigners who visit it will love it forever. I am considering a project for the summer of 2019 for Plovdiv. So far, negotiations are going very well. If it happens, both you and me will be pleased, even extremely!!!


Elena – I read about you that you have not yet found the woman with whom to start a family. I know you have dogs, which means you like to look after someone. What if the woman you choose has a child, will this be a problem? Or is the person, the soul and the character important! Thanks for the reply!

Vlado – Nothing matters except the good human relations. Yes, I love and care for people. It is who I am. If it is meant to be, I will take care of children and a woman. I cannot sit down and search. It is not a pebble to find it. That is my opinion.


Soni – My question is when should I expect “Devil‘s Throat”?

Vlado – I also ask the televisions that almost every day. I think we will find out soon.


Stanimira – Accept the Facebook invitation

Vlado – Ok. Send me a personal message so I know it is you. I have over 1000 friendship requests, and I have long filled up the limit of 5000.


Eli – Will you show the painting of Matsoureff, the one you fell in love with and you own?

Vlado – Of course. With great pleasure. I even thank you for the request.


Petia – Will you soon have a performance in Rousse?

Vlado – In April we will visit Gabrovo with “God of Carnage”, on 14th and 15th of April. Come there. This is my favourite production now.


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