Interview 8: The Audience Asks – Vlado Answers 28 July 2019


Preslav – Romantic or evil characters do you prefer to play? Why?

Vlado – I hate the most to play romantic characters. If it is a romantic in a comedy, to ridicule and mock him – ok. But romantic for real is awfully boring. I do not like that. I like extreme characters – hysterics, depressants…


Subscriber – How did you decide to make a bot on Viber? Vlado how do you make a bot is it not a bit difficult for you to do all these things?

Vlado – It happened by accident. Here is a text where I tell about it in details – read here. Whether it is difficult – yes, it is difficult. But with good organisation anything can be done. I am just organised and I like the online space and the communications there. I believe it is the future and I strive to keep up with time.


Hrisi – Would you give up your career?

Vlado – Yes. I would. For the last several years I have been thinking that it might be better if you constantly provoke yourself and take new paths. This is how you live your life really and fully. That is why I have taken different directions and activities. They are interesting to me and I want to improve in them. Acting is clear for me. That is what I have been doing for 20 years. But maybe it is better to try something else as well? I think it is! So I would give up my profession for other challenges.


Milen – Do you know Neda Spasova?

Vlado – Unfortunately, yes L Why?


Viara – Hello Mr. Karamazov, I want to ask you if you have thought about writing a book about your life and playing in its movie? Your writing is great and it would be great to watch you on the big screen?

Vlado – I do not know about a book. I do not know where the winds will take me. But if one day I write a book and play it, then you will be the prophet at the bottom of this endeavour. So far, it seems impossible to me.


Desislava – Hello. I am Dr. Lovchalieva from Smolyan. It is a great pleasure to watch Devil’s Throat. For me it is an endless excitement real professionals to shoot such good films in my hometown. You are a very down-to-earth and talented person. I hope the Rhodope Mountains have captivated you and you will come back again. All the places around the world have their charm, but there is no better place than home.

Vlado – It is true. My time in Smolyan and the Rhodopes was a great memory. I really want to go back there. I feel that I will get my place somewhere in this mountain. I think it will be very soon.


Tiiii???? – When will there be a Woman Bot?

Vlado – Well, I will think about it. But who will do the bot wedding? Where will it be? Who will we invite, other bots? The bots of Coca-Cola, Foodpanda, Viber. Maybe it will get boring though. I will think about it.


Subscriber – I read, I think in the first answers in the Blog, about the dressing rooms of the National Theatre. Where to sign up for a backstage tour.

Vlado – Such a tour takes place only on Theatres Night. This year it will be on November 16th. Follow the initiative’s website. There will be a phone/email to sign up. Enjoy.


Kondio – Is there a secret to a successful career?

Vlado – Well, no, there is no secret to success. Mine is not exactly success but a path or a pursuit of success. It comes if you really want it and you dedicate your life to it. It requires a lot, and that is why not everyone can get to it. Desire, work and lots of teeth clenching, maybe that is the secret.


Gabriela – Is there a chance to come in Vratsa or Pleven with a performance? Where do you feel the best in the theatre or the series you’re in? This question 100% was asked a thousand times, right? What is your favourite performance in which you currently play?

Hi, it‘s me again. I wanted to ask you if you are irritated by fans love and this constant chasing by the people for autograph or photo?

Vlado – Of course there is a chance, we have come to Vratsa and Pleven. Just follow my programme here on the site. For example, in the autumn we will visit Burgas and Sliven. I feel good everywhere, if it is interesting for me and the team is good. That is what determines how I feel. At the moment I most like the production “God of Carnage”. We perform it often and people like it very much. We the actors even more.

Fans love does not irritate me, taking photos and giving autographs are sometimes not very pleasant, especially when people ask to take photos of me in uncomfortable places – supermarkets, airports, on the street, but that is my profession and I accept it.


Subscriber – Vlado I have no question, but I want to tell you that I watch the movies in which you play and they are good. The bot told me about him, I want more information about you and the bot. That’s it.

Vlado – I am glad for your interest. You can find more about me here on my site. If you dig in, you will find a lot of things.


Radostina – Would you make new stickers with a popular person?

Vlado – I would! We will discuss it with Viber, and who knows, it might happen. We just have to figure out a topic, like everyone to be like a clown. Um, we can think of something interesting. Thanks for the idea.


Madlena – Hey, Happy Birthday! I wish you health to be able to do everything you love. I wish you luck to succeed in it. And last but not least, to be smiling and happy. Yes, it is time for a balance-sheet about what has been achieved so far, but somehow with everything you do this age is irrelevant because you are engraved in people‘s minds. For me, you not only stayed in my mind, but has made me think seriously about a different line of career, I am currently a system administrator, I have the enormous desire to be on the other side of the Media as a whole. Thanks to you, I became a little more open to people. Maybe I‘m the “next crazy fan”, but I‘m a true quiet fan, I do not want to stalk people, but to express the emotion and wish happy holiday! 

Vlado – You made me very happy with this. Everything I do here is exactly about that. I too, like all of you, need a motivator. If I have inspired a person to start thinking and dreaming more bravely, this makes me very happy. Thanks for the wishes.


Lidia – Happy Birthday! Continue to inspire and pursue your dreams. Will there be season 2 of Devil’s Throat?

Vlado – Thanks. Yes, there will be a second season, but I still do not know when and where.


Stefi – How old is he? And I wanted to tell him that he plays very well in Devil’s Throat…. Bravo

Vlado – I am exactly 40 years old. As for “Devil’s Throat”, thank you very much. This is a very important project for me.



Subscriber – Who is the killer in Devil‘s Throat?

Vlado – I could not tell you before, but now everyone knows. I do not know if you know that I and Hristo are very close friends from NATFA and we were classmates. I am very glad that exactly he was my brother in this series – the killer.



Gabriela – Hello, do you have a real profile that you personally maintain on Instagram?

Vlado – Yes, I have two. One is about my life, the other is my photography profile. Here are links for both.




Subscriber – Have your experienced physical or psychological harassment by fans?

Vlado – Yes. It is quite bad and you do not know how to react. It started with social networks, every post in whichever network was commented, and on personal messages every day there were long texts, in which I was a subject of a great presumably consummated love. Everything was okay until these messages became really a lot, and once, while I was resting in my dressing room before a performance, the door opened and the this lady came in (there is a guard at the entry of the theatre). It was like a real nightmare. Then there were more months of online harassment. Now everything has faded and stopped. I hope it is for good.


Lidia – Where do you want the next new travel destinations to be?

Vlado – Very good that you ask me. Days ago I came back from the Azores, it was very interesting. I want to go to Morocco and South Africa. Then to Costa Rica and Peru. As you see, the adventure spirit has awakened, which is great. Expect in the next days a text about the Azores, surely after reading it you will want to go there too.


Didi – This is not a question, but I hope you really see it! You are the coolest actor in the world! I admire your performance in Stolen Life and Devil’s Throat! I watch both series and I am totally impressed! You inspired me for acting and now I‘m going to play and I’ll be the main character in a commercial! I love you!

Vlado – Once again, I am very pleased. It is nice that we can inspire. One of the very good aspects of our profession. I wish you to become a very good actress, and to play together. Most likely, I will be your grandfather.


Subscriber – Hello, Vlado! My question is: How do you handle your everyday life? Greetings from Stara Zagora (inlove)

Vlado – Just a few days ago I published a text about that, called “A week of an actor”. Read it here. It will give you a full answer to your question


Subscriber – Vlado, hello, I like you very much and I like to chat with the bot (laugh), but it will be cool if you increase his set of replies. Thank youuuuu (heart)(heart)(heart)

Vlado – We are working on this issue. I hope he will be a lot smarter soon!


Marti – Good evening. I want to congratulate you on the brilliant play in Devil’s Throat. Great show and cast. It’s been long since I had been smitten by a movie like that. You’re great, keep on. Good luck 🙂

Vlado – This GIF shows how I feel from this praise of yours!



Simeon – Will there be another season of stolen life with you in it?

Vlado – Well, I do not know for now. I will not be in this season because I had to rest and pay attention to my health. I have to bring myself to a stable working state, since in the past 6 months I have not been in such. You should know where to stop because we are not here for a day or two. We have to think in general and for the future. The truth is I did not have the strength for this season shooting now and I had not completely recovered from a serious health problem. There will be other series, I think we will be watching us on the screen pretty soon.


Subscriber – I need a huge advice, can you tell me how to not worry so much about my graduation exams?

Vlado – The only way is to know the material. If you have studied and know the material, you would worry, but only in half, and even less. I guarantee.


Iliyan – Today is June 1st. Besides Children’s Day, today is also the day of an incredible town like the Balkan, ancient and young. The town of Vratsa. Have you been here? If not, I dare you to come 🙂 and make your fans happy! 🙂

Vlado – But of course I have been there. I have been many times. Here for all of you greetings from me with this video from Vratsa


Didi – What kindled your enthusiasm for acting

Vlado – Maybe my parents, because they took me and my brother to theatre all the time. But I have two texts on this subject too, entitled “How I became and actor“. You can read them here:

“How I became and actor“ (part 1) 

“How I became and actor“ (part 2) 


Madlena – Vlado, my friend. The one who does not want me to take photo with you. ? Now, as I try the gifs, it does not appear in the Messenger‘s search engine. (And maybe I do not search right). As far as I understand, you just uploaded them to the gif channel, ask the people you work with, or a programmer by yourself – besides the # tags there are other things called relations, so with the search for a gif in the app your name to come up. Then, when you ask, please make a video and tell it publicly, because believe me you have crazy fans who asked me the question “Why does it not move”, “So I have to go every time to the site”, I understand it, but not all of them have my technical education. ?♀️ Till soon, I wish you health and luck in everything you are involved with. In the fall – again. I was very sad with that incident, but now it seems funny to me, I take it as a sign ? We were at “God of Carnage“ on 02.06.

Vlado – Things have become much easier. I have made a second pack of gifs and they are on Viber. Using them is more than easy. You start to write a message to a friend on Viber and there comes a bar of grеy icons. The first icon is for your stickers, the second is for your photos, and the fourth one is called GIF. You press it and you will see a green icon with my head on it. You press that and you can immediately send each gif to whoever you want.


Dora – Would you share one of your dreams?

Vlado – Yes, to go around the world. Now I am halfway.


Subscriber – Which schools have you attended?

Vlado – From first to eighth grade – 54th Secondary school “St. Ivan Rilski“, secondary vocational education – Culinary School in Bankya, and higher education – NATFA “Kr. Sarafov”.


Subscriber – How many countries have you visited.

Vlado – More than 50.


Victoria – Do you have children or wife?

Vlado – Yes, I have three children from two marriages.


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