GreatTogether and three wishes coming true 24 December 2017

Grant’s, Vlado Karamazov and Julian Vergov have helped three people make a dream come true, overcome obstacles, improve skills. This, in a nutshell, is what the platform #GreatTogether is all about.

It all began when Grant’s, Vlado and Julian united around the belief that “success depends on your persistent ambition, your own talent and the support of all other small and large gears that are an unalterable part of the path to the goals you seek.”

And since the achievement of success sometimes requires a very small but valuable help, Vlado and Julian accepted with pleasure to be “assistants” in the realization of the dreams. The condition to participate in #GreatTogether was more than easy – fill in a special form and describe what help you need.

For 5 weeks the applications have been arriving in an app on the Grant’s Facebook page – hundreds from all over the country, with participants from other countries as well. In early December, Julian and Vlado chose the three “wishes” that they would personally assist in coming true. The choice was not easy because there were really interesting candidates, but these three have won the attention of the two actors:

  • Eliza Lazarova Lecheva-Paleva, who wants to develop her oratorical skills
  • Rostislav Plamenov Pankov, who wants to step on a theatrical stage and take the path of the great artists
  • Maria Todorova Gruykina, who wants to overcome her fear of driving

Coming soon the video stories from the realization of the three wishes with the help of Grant’s, Julian and Vlado. And don’t stop dreaming and setting high goals. Cheers!