Vladimir Karamazov with Community in Viber 26 March 2018

The actor is the first Bulgarian with own Community in Viber

Vlado Karamazov is the first Bulgarian actor with Community in Viber. The project has started in March and will be realized in several consecutive stages, each involving more opportunities for communication with the fans and followers of the actor. The first part of the project is development of Viber Community in Viber with manageable content and audience engagement in the communication. Joining “Vladimir Karamazov Community” by the audience is very easy – by following this link.

“This Community is my way to be close to my fans and to share what excites, inspires, worries me, what’s happening to me. Thanks to Viber for trusting me and giving me this opportunity”, says the actor.The second stage of the project will be the development of chatbot with columns by topics, information about upcoming events with the actor and automated answering to frequently asked questions, which will complement the platform and will allow users to quickly and easily get all current information about Vlado Karamazov.The third element is Vlado Stickers, which will be a fun view on the actor’s roles in theatre, cinema and television. Access to them will be free for all Viber users in Bulgaria, expected to launch this spring.


In Bulgaria Viber is among the top three most commonly used messaging applications. With the new Viber Communities, users have the unique opportunity to connect with global communities on a scale not previously seen in similar applications – up to 1 billion users in a group chat. Equipped with a number of new management tools, community administrators now have a perfect product to engage and develop groups based on common interests, experiences, causes, etc. – all this in the well-known interface of the favourite and secure messaging application. New members of Communities have access to all content there and can join the conversations using all Viber media formats – GIFs, stickers, photos, videos and of course text. With a commitment to users in terms of their personal space and security, Viber gives access only to the names of the members of a community, while their phone numbers remain hidden for everyone else.

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