Vlado Karamazov’s First Professional Photography Engagement 13 October 2019

Vlado will tell you about 7 theatrical plays through 7 photographs in the accompanying project “Night Personages” at the 7th Theatres Night, brought by Schweppes. The seven plays will be presented with the expressive means of photography. And the plot (through the setting or the decorative elements) has a direct reference to something very iconic of each of the selected plays.

In the coming weeks, the photos will be gradually published on the social networks of the Night. These photographic interpretations have a special involvement of an iconic brand that requires character and has a stand on art.

“When I was invited for this project, I found it difficult to make the connection between theatre and the soft drink. Rather quite impossible. But this was exactly what provoked me even more. I thought about it for almost a week and I was still blank. But suddenly the idea emerged: to use the bottle as a character in the play. I will set it in the atmosphere and the environment in which the story unfolds. I will use a few elements characteristic of the era or the characters. To make it interesting, I will cover one word from the title of the play and replace it with the name of our character – Schweppes. This will produce unexpected brand slogans and the search for the unknown word will allow for prize games on the social networks. The elements in each photo will be the hints. I even see an educational element in this project. We will provoke curiosity and why not even encourage people to read the text, to watch the play in a theatre, to enrich their knowledge of theatre. And all this through seven photographs taken by me. Another tempting aspect for me was that in this project I could show that when there is an idea and content – advertising is not a bad thing. Thanks to such companies, we the artists can develop and implement our crazy ideas. Business and art can go hand in hand, the important is everything to happen with desire, thought and imagination”, Vlado shared.

The challenge to the fans of the art of theatre and Theatres Night will be to guess which the seven plays are. There will also be prizes (t-shirts and socks of the Night) for those with most luck and theatrical knowledge! Follow the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Night in the coming weeks!


Client – Schweppes

Producer – Theatres Night

Concept and photography – Vladimir Karamazov

Postproduction – Emil Andonov

Graphic design – Maria Koleva