Vlado on LiveCam 20 December 2018

Vlado on LiveCam: “Nowadays people want to find the information they need quickly and easily”

For the first time in its six-year history in Bulgaria, Theatres Night initiative had its own place in Vlado Karamazov’s Viber chatbot. Thanks to Vladrob Smartloop, different things happened there, and the information was arranged in 5 specialised sections – Highlights, Ambassadors, LiveCam, Vlado and the Night, Programme. The digital assistant managed to present in a brief and attractive way the accents in the programme that had intrigued his chatbot consciousness, as well as the accompanying events, the ambassadors, and Vlado’s history with Theatres Night.Within a month and a half, more than 5000 Viber users got informed by the chatbot about the programme content of the European initiative in Bulgaria. The most visited sections were Programme and Highlights.

“Young people are on their phones. And through social media we can get to them and attract them to the theatre” – Vlado shared on LiveCam open studio event on the sixth Theatres Night, broadcast live on Facebook on November, 17th. Viewers had the opportunity to ask the actor their questions in advance or during the live broadcast. Fans’ questions were dozens and very interesting–about successes and failures on the stage, about the sparkle in the viewers’ eyes, about the productions that change the actors’ lives, about the lighted phones in the hall, about the search for answers to eternal questions, favourite roles, honesty… The audience looked into Vlado’s life through his eyes –the POV video he shot especially had its premiere during his interview on the social channel of the initiative.

15 000 viewers watched the online studio, which lasted for 6 hours, and all ambassadors of the Night were eye to eye with their fans. The theme was “theatre, opera, ballet” – in and beyond the stage talk and sense of the art. LiveCam hosts were Iva Doychinova, Diana Alexieva and Ines Pavlova.

Watch the whole interview of Vlado on LiveCam HERE


In 2018Theatres Night happened simultaneously in 11 European countries. In this Night Theatre becomes the main theme and gathers at the same time all those who love it.Theatres Night 2018 in Bulgaria included more than 150 productions in regular and irregular hours, performances, format events, exhibitions, “open doors” and tours behind the scenes, NT Live, flashmobs, impro theatre, rich children’s programme in 16 Bulgarian cities. This year’s campaign of the initiative promoted the message “Eye to eye with theatre”. Over 1300 artists became part of the European platform and presented their productions in more than 90 locations. The format of TheatresNight has no analogue in Bulgaria and becomes more and more popular among young people. It is the different “happening” that makes it filled with mysticism and interesting events and forms for the theatre fans.