At Age Seven, on Rainbows and the Sun 4 September 2019

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Peter Miloshev – age 7

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I like very much Nikita Mihalkov’s movie – “Anna from 6 to 18”. That is why I let myself take a classic interview from Peter Miloshev. I never do it because I am not a journalist. I only write about people who have really impressed me, and in my opinion it is worth saying publicly what I think of them. But it was interesting with Pepe – I asked him complicatedfor him questions and listened with curiosity to his answers. Peter has a natural kindness and delicacy that, I think, will not make his life easy. Pepe always yields, approaches with good and never annoys, even if he wants something a lot. What will happen and how his life will develop is yet to be seen…

During the shooting of “Stolen Life” series I was impressed with his concentration and professionalism. It is silly to talk about professionalism of a child, but during the shooting he really did behave more appropriately than many of the other actors. Pepe does not grumble, does not complain, even if he is sleepyhe doesnot say it. He learned large amounts of text, which is the reason why screenwriters stopped considering the fact that he is a child. Quite often he was leading the scenes. I remember that on one of the days when we had scenes together, he was brought infrom school at 2 p.m.– hungry and tired. He didnot have time to eat because we were shooting on a street in Sofiaand we were behind schedule. Poor him! Between the takes, he kept telling me about food, food trucks, burgers, his favourite foods. He managed to eatall two hours later. Difficult and long shootingfollowed,with complexstage settings, crowd scenes, action and text,it lasted until about 10 p.m. The end of the crowd scenes was followed by a very complicated scene between the two of us, in which he was the lead, and I only answered “yes” and “no”. Hristina (his mother) told us that because of the busy schedule at school, they did not have time to learn the text and she asked to be left alone with Pepe for 20 minutes. What shedid with this kid who had to be long asleep, I didnot understand, but we did the scene only in three takes. Pepe managedmore than well. After the exhausting day that turned into night, Pepe got the right to choose a gift. Almost asleep, he asked for the white bear he used in one of the scenesat a shooting range. The team officially gave it to him and he was very happy.

The following conversation reveals what a child this almost eight-year-old boy is. I am curious what he will be at age 18 and 28 – an age that I think is crucial in life. May he be happy and healthy.

The interview was taken on the beach between the games at sea. It was a lot of fun. I do not know if he really means what he talks about, I want to believe it is so, but time will tell…

Me: Do you want to come to the time when you will start shaving?

Peter: Yes, it is nice, I think. But it is better to have some hair. Not beard, just some hair – just like you. I want to, yes. I really want to be bigger because I will not be at school.

Me: What is your attitude to money?

Peter: Sometimes money is cursed. If we find money and do not return it, it could be the reason something bad to happen to us. I want to become a good person and not spend money on nonsense.

Me: Have you thought about what you want to do in life?

Peter: I want to… (contemplating).There are many options that I want to do.

Me: How many options are there, give or take?

Peter: Five. And I will choose three of them.

Me: What are these three option?

Peter: Hacker, actor and producer.

Me: I thought hackers are dangerous?

Peter: There are white and black hackers. I want to be a white one, of the good ones. For example, if someone hacks my phone, I will be able to unhack it. Or, if someone uses another person’s phone because he has hacked his Apple ID, the person comes to me, tells me, and I, as a white hacker, will help him and I unhack it.

Me: Is it easy to achieve something big? For example, if you are a hacker, to become the best hacker. Or if you are an actor, to become the best actor?

Peter: Ha! Well, you have to work for a long time, it is hard.

Me: You give love and you are good, do you feel it?

Peter: No. But if so, it is good. Because, for example, if I lose a bank-note of 100, and people are good, they will leave it or they will look for me, and they will tell me, “Excuse me, are you the one with the lost bank-note?”.And they will return it to me.

Me: Are you afraid of change?

Peter: No, I am not afraid of that. But sometimes things can be awful. For example, if we get online tickets to Tokyo and travel there, but there is an earthquake there… I am afraid of natural disasters. Also, for example, a tsunami… (silence)… This is horrible!… I am also afraid of a doll that is alive and kills people.

Me: In “Stolen Life”, a lot of hard things happen to you. Does that scare you?

Peter: Yes, my character suffered from a type of cancer. I am also very scared of this – a disease that I can die of… And the spiders, tarantulas, they bite and release poison. It can also be very dangerous. Or these jellyfish… There are many jellyfish in the sea, but you do not see them because they are white, and while you are swimming, you look forward not down, and it goes under your feet and stings you. That is awful.

Me: Everything changes, for better or worse. Even you. How do you take this, does it bother you?

Peter: Yes, because the Sun may explode, there may be an Apocalypse, there may be a Third World War…

Me: Life is before you, how do you consider it? Good, bad, colourful?

Peter: It is bad in the future, because life always has an end. For example – the end of the world. We will die. This will happen far in the future. But it can be good too – it depends on us. Future can be rainbows, and more rainbows… My life is cool now. But sometimes bad things happen. For example, there was a very intense storm the other day that was very scary. But the next day the sun appeared. I know that life cannot be rainbows and sun every day.

Me: How do you imagine life without internet?

Peter: Classic. Playing with friends, going to the sea, climbing trees, entering abandoned house, diving underwater, studying the animals…

Me: What do you want to buy right now?

Peter: There are many options that I want, but first – a router. I just want to have internet in my room, but my dad will not let me. Now we have only in the living room.

Me: Whaaat?!

Peter: Well, yes, when you have internet in your room you can do a lot of things. Another thing I want to buy, well it is impossible but it is in my dreams – I want to have a car that flies and has many extras. But it has not been invented yet… Ah! All right! I thought of something else too! I want Lamborghini.

Me: Do you know that our planet is polluted and this is not good for anyone – what would you do, even if you were just a kid?

Peter: On Labour Day, I simply want to collect the junk, because if I do not collect it, everything can die. And without animals and plants we cannot live.

Me: Why just on Labour Day? Don’t we have to do it all the time?

Peter: Well, because it is Labour Day and because you have to work! You can do it all the time, but rather on Labour Day, because it is a special day for work. But I will hardly collect all the junk. They are over one million, and more… May be a billion.

Me: If you can change something in the world, what will it be?

Peter: I want to change a few things. Most of all, no junk. Also – no jellyfish and storms. I would change a few laws. I want to make so that there are people to watch if other people dump their garbage in the litter-bin. I wish there is such a profession because if there are no such people, others will throw their things on the streets and so the planet will be polluted and we will die.

Me: If you can change something in Bulgaria, what will it be?

Peter: I would change to have only cars without fuel because the other cars pollute the air. If they can fly, well, the best!

Me: If you can change something in your neighbourhood, what will it be?

Peter: I would change the houses. I would make them all nice, with massages and TV in the toilets. And I want everyone to be rich and live well.

Me: Now let us think of your motto?

Peter: I believe we can do anything with work. Because, now I cannot get a sandwich without money, or I cannot make a sandwich like that – it is done, I did it. Everything is donewith work. If not, then you are awful and a dumbass. If there is no work, it will be dull, everyone will be lazy and nothing will be achieved. And so my motto is “No to laziness!”.

Me: What would you say to all the boys and girls like you?

Peter: To protect the planet and if they see a person throwing garbage on the street, like an empty plastic bottle, take it and throw it in the litter-bin.


Supported by NIVEA

Text – Vladimir Karamazov

Translation from Bulgarian – Diana Dimitrova

Photographer – Vladimir Karamazov for #Karamazovfoto


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