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Vania – Have you thought of being a director?

Vlado – No. It is a different profession and a very responsible one. Let the cobbler stick to his last.


Kristina – Is his career the top thing in his life?

Vlado – My career has absorbed me. Whether I like it or not. I want other things to be on the top, but so far it is not happening. I get into a project after a project and I do not have time for many things. I am happy that at least I work what I love.


Talent or more luck helped him to become a good actor?

Vlado – Maybe both. I was very lucky at the beginning of my career. I graduated from NATFA and joined the company of the National Theatre in the same day.


If, only for one day, you could become (incarnate into) another person, who would it be?

Vlado – Maybe a child. To remember for one day what is care-free, peace and happiness. Only children are like that. I often remember how good it is to be a child. I would like to be a 6-7-year-old child for one day.


What would you choose – history or future?

Vlado – History.


To leave big traces behind or to build up and develop with the thought of what is coming?

Vlado – Of course, the first one. If I do not leave any traces, my life will be in vain. I work for this and I am aiming for it. Not because of people, but because of me.


Iliana – Which is the place you have always wanted to visit but you have not done it yet?

Vlado – Colombia, Peru and Chile. But I will do it soon!


Subscriber – How old are you?

Vlado – I am 39.


Maria – What would you say to all your fans who always support you and love you?

Vlado – In recent years, I have developed enormous responsibility for the audience. I am an audience myself, and when I watch a production, a concert or something else, I am excited, as maybe people are excited when they come to watch me. I always try to give everything from myself as I perform. Because of the audience and nothing else. People who like me and are interested in my job are as important as the job itself. A very important component, without which I will not be that Vladimir Karamazov I am now.


Maria – YOU ARE GREAT!! A great actor I am a big fan of you, I travelled to Sofia especially to see you at the premiere of “Stolen Life”, but I still could not… maybe next time!

Vlado – I am really sorry about that. Please contact me on personal message, in any social network, or write me an email and I will try to send you something to please you.


Jenq – I just want to congratulate him for his role in “Stolen Life” and that he is very cool

Vlado – Thank you!


Luda – How is it in “Stolen Life”?

Vlado – Interesting, difficult and a big challenge. It is nice to be in such an appreciated series.


Panko – What does your work mean?

Vlado – It is my dream come true. It means a lot. 80% of my life.


Pavlina – How old were you when you decided to become an actor?

Vlado – I was 16. Then I definitely wished it and started to pursue this goal. But long before that I had thought and suspected that this was going to be the thing, it was the thought that made me smile.


Niki – Svobi asks you if you have ridden a motorcycle?

Vlado – Oh yes, constantly for the last 8 years. This season I rode 5600 km and changed the rear tire twice.


Subscriber – What is your name, actually?

Vlado – Vladimir Aleksandrov Aleksandrov


Subscriber – If you have kids, how will you name your son and your daughter?

Vlado – That is a damn good question. Well, let me think: boy – Yordan, girl – Yovana.


Mimcho – Do you like being involved in “Stolen Life”?

Vlado – I like it!


Subscriber – How did you become YouTuber?

Vlado – I am not. Maybe you mean Viber. I have YouTube channel but somehow I cannot develop it, though it has many things, here it is:


Mimcho – Does Vlado have Viber?

Vlado – Did you really ask me this? Not only that I have Viber but I constantly develop it. I have a community you can join – click here and you are there. I also have a chatbot but you know this since you asked a question through it.


Subscriber – Vlado this time teach him some words so we can talk and I will not talk long. I hope you will see this comment.

Vlado – The bot is constantly learning and improving. Naturally, do not expect to have a conversation with him, like with a person, but he was not made for it. This is an easy way to learn about new developments around me.


Niki – Does he have a girlfriend? How old is he?

Vlado – I will not talk about my personal life, and I am 39.


Subscriber – Why are you so good?

Vlado – If you are talking about being a good actor, that is your opinion and it is subjective. For others I am not good, and I have no answer to this question. But if you ask me how I am such a good person, do not be sure I am so good.


Emma – You are a shit. How has he become so famous and has he wanted to become such a famous actor since he was a child?

Vlado – Yes, I am a shit, and even a smelly one. I have become popular because of the projects I have been involved in. They were successful and people liked them and I did not dream of becoming famous, I dreamed of becoming an actor. It is a consequence and a part of this profession.


Bogdanka – Can I have a photo of you.

Vlado – You can, there are many photos here, do you want a more specific one?


Antonia – How many Facebook profiles do you have?

Vlado – Very good that you ask me. There are always people who pretend to be me and make fake profiles. Often people tell me they wrote to me and I did not answer or I offended them. It is not me. I have three Facebook profiles.

Personal profile –

Fan page –

My photography page –

Any other profile is fake.


Subscriber – Are you an actor in “Stolen Life”?

Vlado – No, you have me mistaken with someone. Sorry if I disappointed you.


Viara – Hello Mr. Bot-Vlado, I want to ask you so many things … but most of all – will you be rehearsing a new theatre production this season, will there be “ART” again and what happened to the Bears? And I really want to ask you how you see yourself as a director? And those who offend you … they do not deserve your space. Thank you for letting us get closer to you!

Vlado – Viara, Viara, Viara. You are very kind and I am glad you think that. Unfortunately, we will not perform “Art” any more. We made a break with the “Bears”, this year I devote myself to films and I will not have new productions. You cannot have both. I do not see myself as a director, it is another profession and it is a complicated thing. But in the future who knows what will happen.


Eli – Fuck you in the ass looser…  I hope you fart inwards

Vlado – Fart inwards??? A total nonsense which made me laugh a lot. I hope I will fart inwards so you can calm down and be happy. If I manage to do it, I will find a way to tell you. I just hope I will not die because then it will be your fault.


Alexander – Would you have another tattoo?

Vlado – O, yes and I will do it!


.*  – ةرؤيسالبيشءةظ

Vlado – انا لا افهمك


Elitsa – Do you prefer to perform in cinema or theatre?!

Vlado – Both, because they are very different.



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