Interview 4: The Audience Asks – Vlado Answers 6 December 2018


I will begin this interview with two very kind letters sent to my website e-mail. I could not help but publish them. Thank you Valentina, thank you Evgenia.


Valentina Dimitrova

Hello 🙂

At great risk of you considering me crazy , I want to share something with you, just like that, for no reason, without even hoping you will read it, and hoping that not someone else will read it instead of you. 🙂

… I have seen you only in the theatre, only on the stage, I do not know you, but it feels like the opposite. I remember a little the first time I have watched you. I think it was 16 years ago (oh, damn, I seem to have gotten old). We participated in a contest for the best school production and we won, and the prize was theatre tickets for the National Theatre. I was so excited, for the first time at a theatre, a real theatre … and there – you, so young, but like for an eternity on stage, so talented … It was very nice, captivating and I fell in love for a lifetime… Vladimir Karamazov made me fall in love with the theatre, or the theatre made me fall in love with Vladimir Karamazov, I do not know which one. So, for 16 years now, you are my synonym for a theatre… I often think how someone plays an important role in your life without even suspecting. Thank you!


Evgenia Blagovestova


Very nice photo, it made my day the other day 🙂

I have known you for a long time from the screen, but recently I rediscover your work and you charge me with a very positive energy!

I would be glad if you reply to me, if it would be just hello…

I apologize for writing in first person, but you have somehow moved me, so it seems right.

Have a good and successful day!


Subscriber – I cannot find your Viber community. Can you give me a link or instruct me how to find it? You are so cool. The character of Hristo Karagyozov is great.

Vlado – Thank you very much for the compliment on my character in the “Stolen Life” series. Here is the link of the community – It is easy to find. On Viber search field, at your personal chats, write “@vladimir karamazov community“ and it will appear.


Subscriber – I love you

Vlado – I would write to you too, but I do not know your name, you have not left it.


Lina – I wonder how did you start your career?

Vlado – I have written a funny story about how I became an actor. It is in two parts, here are the links for your convenience:

Part 1 –

Part 2 –


Subscriber – Hello, what do you plan to do with your life in the future / your future?

Vlado – I want to do something great in my career, greater than the greatest thing that can happen to me in Bulgaria. The world is open to us and I want to compete with it. This provokes me and motivates me. To do something here and to show it to the world. The other thing I want to do is improve myself in other areas of art, learn to do other things outside my profession as an actor. I want to get the most out of life, to drain it. And I want to go around the world. I hope I will.


Cvetelina – Vladimir Karamazov is one of my favourite Bulgarian actors, maybe more about him, and how he decided to become an actor.

Vlado – People are constantly asking me how I became an actor and I am very glad that I have described the story. I can suggest you read something else in these two texts, which I have also written for my blog.

My hobbies –

When I met Jeremy Irons –


Pavlina – Admirations for the role in “Stolen Life”! Do you like the character?

Vlado – I really like Hristo Karagyozov. I hope we meet people like him more often and I wish everyone to know at least one such person.


Subscriber – Dull Blado

Vlado – I will reply with a quote from a nice production I perform in – “Neo-Summerfolks” – “You may think I am dull, but what is important is that I am well-shaped”. End quote.


Zarta – Have you done many mischiefs when a child and what was your favourite school subject?

Vlado – Well, I seem to have done some. Here, I remember one. We had a neighbour who liked to drink. The childhood summers were great then, long days when you forget to eat from too much playing. So, one of these summers we were constantly dealing with this neighbour of ours. Once we got a beer, opened it, slightly poured the contents from the bottle and peed inside. Then we closed it, cooled it and put it on a place where we were sure he would see it. He saw it and drank half the beer. He realised what it was, got angry, the next day he ambushed me, he caught me and started smacking me on my bare legs (I wore shorts) with the nettles leaves he had picked. There was no place that was not red, with blisters from the burning. I cried for days. I did not think again about doing such mischiefs. My favourite subject was geography.


Silvi – Why did you decide to join the cast of “Stolen Life” series?

Vlado – Because it is one of the value projects in Bulgaria. Because since the third season we have talked with the producers about me joining and it was yet not happening. Because the main screenwriter Hristina Apostolova is a very good friend of mine. Because the producer Evtim Miloshev is very close to me. Because I knew Hristina would write a nice character for me. Because……. I can list many more reasons.


Subscriber – Please send regards to the team of “Stolen life“!!!!!!

Vlado – The team and the actors, we have a closed Facebook group called “Psychiatric Clinic St. Kiril”. Now I will pass on your regards there.


Vladimir – Are you dull?

Vlado – Are you? And, if I am dull, what is your gain?


NEDA – How did you become famous?

Vlado You can become famous if you strip naked few times and publish your photos on social networks, then you will be invited on some TV show, then in a newspaper and there you are famous. The issue is what you become famous for. And, more valuable is to enter the minds and hearts of people for a very long time. It is difficult, but lasting and forever. This is the real measure whether you have succeeded in this profession. I do not know if I have become famous in the more value way.


Subscriber – What will happen in “Stolen Life”???

Vlado – Watch and you will see.


ANA – If Vlado was a girl, what would be her name?

Vlado – Well, naturally, Vladka Karamazyanova.


Cveti – How did you become such good friends with your colleague Julian Vergov? (I follow the series you are performing in and I was wondering who of you two is cooler. I browsed through wikipedia and I was surprised to find out that you have so big age difference. Well, maybe you got more points because you are younger. Go on with three bears entertainment and please the viewers. Regards!

Vlado – Well, it is a long story. We started together at the National Theatre. We have performed a lot. Little by little, we became close and so it is 15 years now. I am glad your scales have leaned over to the more attractive one :)))


Subscriber – I do not like him, but how old is he?

Vlado – You do not like me, but you found my chatbot, you browsed through its contents, found the button about the questions, you asked a question, and now I reply to you. I was born on 27.04.1979. You do the math.


Subscriber – Do you train karate?

Vlado – Karate no, but bobsleigh yes.


Eli – What is like to be an actor in “Stolen Life”?

Julia – What is the feeling to be an actor in “Stolen Life”?

Vlado – I reply to both Eli and Julia. It is great for an actor to perform in something good that people like and are excited about. In this line of thought, the feeling is unique!


Ljubov – I am about to apply to the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts next year. Do you have a suggestion for a person who could prepare me for the exams?

Vlado – I heard great reviews about Marian Bachev’s theatre school. Contact him on Facebook and ask him. He is a good person and will answer you. Good luck and I wish you in a few years to perform with me on the stage.


Nastia – Можешь говорить по русски?

Vlado – Да. Ослик.


Didi – What is he good at?

Vlado – Beats me. I can say what I am not good at. I cannot cook – at all.


Djudjana – Where were you born?

Vlado – In Sofia, in “Maichin dom” hospital on “Slivnitsa” Blvd at 1:05 a.m.


Valentina – Vlado, hello! I have a question that you may have been asked before, I do not know, I have not seen it so far. Here is the question: Have you thought about what will you become if not an actor, what would you do? What would your life be? … P.S. With all my heart I thank you for choosing to become an actor, thank you for sharing your talent with us, thank you for turning into success everything you touch! Keep warming people’s souls! … P.S.S. I am your fan, if it has not become clear 😀

Vlado – Valentina, thank you very much for the praises. It is hard to say what I would have become if not an actor. I had long dreamed of becoming a pilot. Most boys seem to dream of it. But I was not going to become one because I was very bad at math. After 7th and 8th grade, I applied to the Economic Vocational School, but I totally failed the math exams. Then I enrolled the Culinary School in Bankya. But there I was also bad at exams, I never did manage to cook anything. These are my attempts with other professions. Perhaps if I had not become an actor, I would have been a low-life bloke from the end districts. But fate knows best. We cannot do anything against it. This is how it was supposed to be.


Daniela – I see you are into photography, as an amateur maybe. But the photos are great. I would like to take part in a photo shoot of yours.

Vlado – I am glad you like the photos I take. At some other stage in my development as a photographer I might start shooting different people, models whom I do not know. But at this point I only shoot my friends and the people around me. It is less engaging, and they trust me. I will keep your desire in mind.


FANIA – Does he like small kids?

Vlado – I like rather small ducks. If they are kids, I prefer bigger ones. Over 150 cm if possible :)))))))) Just kidding. Of course, I like kids. What kind of question is this.


Gina – Do you have a favourite character of yours and if so, which one?

Vlado – Yes. The character of Ivan in the production “Art”. We are no longer performing this production and I cannot invite you to watch it. Of the series, I like Panto Valchev!


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