Interview 5: The Audience Asks – Vlado Answers 15 December 2018

DIDENTSE – Vlado … First: YOU ARE GREAT! Great actor and … photographer (smiley) I wish you health and to please us with your work for many years (flirt) And second: When will we have the honour to watch the “Devil’s Throat” series? Greetings from a very favourite place of mine (flirt)

Vlado – Didentse-Videntse, I do not know when they will broadcast the “Devil’s Throat” series. This is a very common question now. When I know, I will share it right away.


Eli – Congratulations for the bot! I am impressed!

Vlado – Right! The bot is a great tool for fast and easy communication.


Silveto – Do you have some role that was harder to perform?

Vlado – I do not seem to recall such. But then, the harder ones are more interesting and I give more attention to them. Hence, the result is better. I have some failed roles, but it is another story there.


Adriana – Hello! It is unnecessary to start with this, but still – an exceptional actor, and from what I see – a Human Being! You have visited many countries, encountered many different cultures – what do you think we should “borrow” from what you have seen? I wish you a wonderful day! 🙂

Vlado – What comes first to mind is that we live well here in Bulgaria. Times better than way too many countries. I have been around almost the whole Asia and there I have seen incredible misery. At such places, I understand that we are really well. Bulgaria is like paradise compared to all these places. We do not realise it, but it is true. Not that this should comfort us, and we must constantly strive for a better life. A huge part of the world lives on the brink of misery. Here it is more colourful, calm, beautiful and cosy.


Daniela – Will Hristo be again doctor Hristo Karagyozov, and what will happen to Kaya.

Vlado – You will find out whether he will be on Friday, and Kaya is well and only she knows what will happen to her.


Elena – To keep the good tone, the question is what colour are your eyes because it was not clear in the video? Thanks in advance for the answer, if it is the truth.

Vlado – Well, I do not keep the colour of my eyes a secret. I have green eyes. They change in the light so they seem different sometimes.


Elitsa – Do you plan to perform with Bulgarian productions in Moscow?

Vlado – For now, we do not have such plans, but I plan to visit Moscow very soon. I have quite an urge for it. I was last in Moscow 10 years ago. Now I have also a reason.


Maria – Do you already dream of a family? And because I like you very much, I want a photo with you.

Vlado – Dream is not the exact word. Yes, I want a family, but not at any cost. If it is written in the stars, I will have one. I wish it to be as I want it, and I wish to be certain of the person with whom I would make this family. We will take a photo, we just have to run into each other somewhere. If we meet, give me a sign.


Tedi – Can we get an autographed photo? I /Tedi/ and my daughter Simona cannot physically go to cinema and theatre, so we will be extremely happy with this gesture!

When will you accept my friendship invitation on Facebook? I’m sure it’s not just me, but I hope for a small place.

Is there a way to revitalize the project “The Poets” and the interview? I am impressed, it is so touching! I myself write poetry and it is very exciting to see someone recite my poems!

Vlado – Yes, it is possible. Send me your address on a personal message on any social network. Just describe that it is you. I will trust Bulgarian Posts.

Well, I have over 2000 friendship requests, but the maximum limit is 5000. I have long filled it. It will be the same if you follow my pages.

The poets are alive, I do not know how to revive them.


Adriana – Hello! Will you be in Stara Zagora with the “Stolen Life” tour? We would be very glad to see you!

Vlado – As you saw, I was not in Stara Zagora. I had a performance that night.


Ivelina – You are awesome. I have always been a fan, but since you play in “Stolen Life” you are just one of a kind. My question is why do you so rarely come to Varna? I cannot wait to see you live in the theatre.

Vlado – I am glad you like “Stolen Life”. I actually come to Varna quite often. And two years ago we used to come twice a month with theatre productions. The last thing I performed in Varna was “Delhi Dance”.


VALERIA – Does he have a wife and children?

Vlado – Well yes, I have. A wife, a beautiful girl and two happy boys!!! J


Denitsa – What is the greatest love in your life? 🙂 I’d like to see you in the “Looking For” show 🙂 I think the show is very interesting and touching and I’m disappointed that you have not participated in it.

Vlado – My profession. I have been married to it for 18 years and we live together quite happily. Well, it is not always the case, but let’s say most of the time. I have been invited many times on this show. I have refused for one reason. I do not like it. They strive to make their guests cry at all costs. I do not like that they will chase my relatives and friends for interviews and will make them tell personal stories. They are striving for way too personal areas, seemingly for good while actually the goal is commercial and the rating.


Hristina – What does he believe in, what does he trust in? 🙂 Oh, yes, I want to give him a book, where can I leave it? Greetings from Sapareva Banya

Vlado – I believe in myself and I rely on myself. We live in such a world. I have a strong intuition that does not betray me. I trust in it. As for the book, thank you. You can send it to the address of the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”. I have a mailbox there. The address is “Dyakon Ignatiy” str. No 5, Sofia 1000, BG.


Mariana – Why there was no production in Dimitrovgrad on the Theatre’s Night?

Vlado – I cannot say. Perhaps the theatre did not want to participate. Every theatre should wish to participate. Ask them. Greetings to Dimitrovgrad.


Penka – I love you

Vlado – How come?


Subscriber – My first question is will there be Theatre’s Night in Burgas? And the second is will you participate in other movies after “Stolen Life: Anatomy of Anger”?

Vlado – Theatre’s Night has passed. Next year the initiative will have a button in my chatbot again. You will check then and hopefully Burgas will be there. As for the second question – yes, I will participate!


Rada – Would you visit a school in a small town to motivate students to find and achieve life goals?

Vlado – I have done it. I cannot do it regularly because I am quite busy and the time is simply not enough. But yes, I would, and with pleasure.


Viki – What made you become an actor?

Vlado – Mostly my curiosity what is it to be on the stage!


RENI – How do you manage to conquer this screen so powerfully?! And … how do you perform such true love… I enjoy watching you and Neda!

Vlado – Concerning the powerful conquering, I hate to tell you, but I think it just seems like this to you. This is not a powerful conquering, but the most normal actor’s presence in a series. Powerful conquering is the one of Al Pacino in “The Godfather”, for example. But I am glad you think so and you enjoy watching the series.


Galq – I will not ask you another question. I just want to congratulate you on the brilliant acting in my beloved series and the only one that manages to hold me in front of the screen. UNIQUE ACTOR, wonderful role. THANK YOU that there are people like you and that you work so successfully with such an incredible team

Vlado – Galq, thank you very much and I wish you success and love!



Maximova – Are you looking for a friend? In a friendly way…

Vlado – Well, the case here seems somewhat mysterious. Dots, word game.. Well, a person is always looking.. but what does he find, if anything at all. You seem to be looking for a companion in a companion way, with nothing else. Well, a little flirting might not disgust you, but I do not know. It got complicated.


Alexandra – If you could turn back time, what would you change in your life?

Vlado – It is a good question. Unfortunately, I will not be able to specify because I should not. But I would not do or rather participate in an initiative. An initiative that seemed great from aside, but was actually devastating for me. I am angry that I did not think but directly threw myself into it. I am angry that when I found out (and it was early) that it would not work, I did not leave but stayed in it for a long time. I am angry that it has changed me and I am afraid not for good. But I learned a lot from it. Really.


VALERIA – Vlado, have you performed before with some of the actors in “Stolen Life”?

Vlado – Yes, I have performed. With Moni Monev in “Tree of Life” series, with Maria Kavardzhikova both in the theatre and in “Tree of Life” series, with Vlado Penev in the theatre, with Daniel Rashev in a production called “Casanova”, with Teodora and Julian clearly – we perform together for a lifetime. With others, I do not recall.


Subscriber – What would you say to people when they start hating what you’re better at… how would you answer them?

Vlado – There will always be someone to do it. I develop and work in a field where everything is public and everyone can tell if they like my work or not. Anyone can comment. Someone can always spit on you. These are the risks of this profession. And that’s why one of the most important things an actor must have is a character for it. To be resistant to all these negatives. I try to consider rationally if there is some truth in the hating. You can draw up positives from anything. If it is not constructive, I would tell them if they like to keep on hating.



????? – Vlado, hello. What kind of music do you like and do you like New Wave style?

Vlado – I admit I do not listen much to music. I do not enjoy it in the car, and I do not have time at home. But, I like everything good, whatever the style. Except for pop-folk. I do not like this genre and I do not listen to it.


Lucyyy – Hi Vlado, I like you very much, and your role in “Stolen Life” is incredible, you do it great – as the wonderful Neda does as well 🙂 my questions are the following – which is your sign? what do you see first in a woman? I really want a personal gift from you because I’m a big fan of you

Vlado – I am Taurus. The first thing that interests me in a woman is her sincerity and sense of humour. Her lack of vanity. As for a personal gift … I am not Santa Claus, but ok. Where and how?


Maximova – Hello 🙂 What does Vlado Karamazov do on a cold night when he has no engagements and is alone at home?

Eh.. Vlado! I cannot subscribe to the online newsletter on your site 🙁

Vlado – Sometimes I watch good series, sometimes I answer to you – as I do now, sometimes just nothing. Depends on my mood. I have no idea why you cannot subscribe. You leave your email and then you must go to your mail account to confirm it.


@@@ – Which made you choose Karamazov for an artistic name (I love Dostoevsky and “The Brothers Karamazov” is my favourite novel and I cannot help but ask)? How do you get enough energy to work on so many things at the same time? What charges you the most? What does the name of your chatbot symbolizes? I do not know why, but I associate it with “The Lord of the Rings”. I wish you health, and to achieve your goals with an ease.

Vlado – I like Dostoevsky too. A director gave me this name, knowing that I like this writer. It was for my first professional performance. The year was 2002.

I have energy, because I like the things I do, I believe in them and they give me pleasure. When you are motivated, you will find time for everything. It is a matter of desire.

My work charges me the most. Rather, when I achieve something significant in it. Then I say to myself that it was possible and I start thinking about something bigger.

The name of the chatbot, I invented it myself. I wanted it to be something like Vladimir, but in a robot way. Vladrob comes from Vlado and robot. The family name is of the guys who made it – the very good company


Elena – Browsing through the net, I came across again (like always) the great performances of the project “The Poets”. I can listen to you and your colleagues for hours. The performances touch every side of my soul… But I read also about the unrealised idea of a recital … Is there any way for it to happen on the social networks? We have great poets waiting to be rediscovered…

Vlado – I am glad you like this project. It is not ours. We are just participants in it. It will develop. Follow it. As for our idea, I do not think it will happen. It will remain one of our unfulfilled dreams. There are such too.


Yani has a question – How do you feel as the Hristo character in “Stolen Life”?

Vlado – More than good!!!


Antonia – You are incredible! Thanks for the answer and the emotions in the series and on the social networks!

Vlado – Thank you very much.


Subscriber – Vlado, why are you a hospital attendant?

Vlado – Well, I am not anymore.


Cute – What is your biggest dream?

Vlado – To travel around the world. This is one of my great dreams.


Svetla – Hello, hi from the other end of the world! If you were a doctor, what specialty would you choose?

Vlado – Maybe a neurologist. One of our consultants on the series is a very good neurologist. He constantly tells me stories. They impress me a lot. Everything in neurology is very complicated and it takes almost a lifetime to become good at it.


Tsvetelina – What is your favourite place you’ve ever visited?

Vlado – Seychelles, Philippines, Panama.


Zari – Has the Bulgarian public changed? Has it grown? Has it become wiser? Does it behave better? Or does it still have a long way to go and what would speed this up? Thanks!

Vlado – It starts to change. But this is a process that will not happen within 10 years. A lot depends also on the people who make theatre. They should offer new forms, new readings, should raise the bar. So the audience will be able to watch different things, to compare, to grow. Schools should also be involved in this change. They should explain what art is theatre, they should take the children there from an early age. Now there is such an example with an initiative of “Fortissimo Family”. They educate, stir enthusiasm and introduce children to the world of classical music. This is great.


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