An Initiative for the People Succeeding in Bulgaria Is Starting in Vlado Karamazov’s Blog 15 April 2018

“The Talents around Me” is the name of the new initiative for talented people succeeding in Bulgaria. They work in different areas, but they succeed with their projects, ideas and dreams here in Bulgaria. Vlado will present today’s heroes through his personal memories and stories about them. The project will highlight the fact that in our country high results can be achieved and valuable ideas can be realized, that here there are talented people as well, who do not surrender and who serve as an example. The column will include both popular personalities and people who are not familiar to the general public but who achieve significant things in their areas. The common in all the stories, told and illustrated in Vlado Karamazov’s blog, is that all the participants are very close friends of his. The photographs to each material will also be taken by Vlado, so he can show these people exactly the way he sees them, the way others do not know them.

The column will be published every Thursday in the blog ( and will be shared on all social networks and in the actor’s Viber Community. Here’s what Vlado shares about “The Talents around Me”: “Suddenly I realized that there are many gifted people around me who have succeeded and achieved great things here in Bulgaria. I take these people as a given and I do not think much of them as such, they are my friends and acquaintances, and I have not realized that before. Evtim Miloshev, for example, provides jobs for many people, manages and realizes dozens of projects. Dr. Kostadin Angelov, with whom we have spent hours of fun during the filming of Survivor, is now the boss of one of our biggest hospitals in Sofia. And this person too, and that person as well – and so I counted about 15 people. They motivate me enormously, and I thought they might have the same effect on the readers of these materials as well. And what better than knowing that there is something positive nowadays and that it charges you and motivates you, gives you the strength to pursue your aspirations and achieve them. I think the effort I will make to create these materials will be pleasant for me and I hope these stories of successful people will fill you up with 100-octane gasoline that will shoot you up to your high goals.”