„Delhi Dance” by Viripaev for a first time in Bulgaria in the National Theatre

One of the most successful Bulgarian directors abroad, Galin Stoev, returns after a long absence from Bulgaria to put the “Delhi Dance”, one of the top plays by the Russian playwright Ivan Viripaev, in the National Theatre.

The plot of “Delhi Dance” is made up of 7 single-act plays, in which all characters are directly or indirectly involved. The plays are built in a quite intriguing way – the characters are the same, but are placed in different situations with different viewpoints, each one experiencing what has happened to the others. The play “digs” very deeply into the soul and the thoughts of both the characters and the viewers. It raises eternal questions and looks for possible answers.

The set design of Nikola Toromanov for “Delhi Dance” puts the action in the context of television realism – there is a green box on the stage with a big screen with direct reflection of reactions and emotional shades through a live camera that shoots the characters in real time.

The play is built in two centres of meaning – the world suffering and the art that can change the concrete reality. Through the way the author interprets the hard topics of love, death and loss, he tries to reprogram the viewer. Galin Stoev says this is a “play about the human karma”. Each of the single-act plays has a meaningful link with the previous and the next one, and the titles, read one after another, unlock important story lines:

Every move (Play No 1) Within the dance (Play No 2) Felt by you (Play No 3) Calmly and attentively (Play No 4) Inside as well as outside (Play No 5) At the beginning and at the end (Play No 6) At the bottom and on the top of a dream (Play No 7)…


“Delhi Dance“

By Ivan Viripaev

Director – Galin Stoev

Set design – Nikola Toromanov

Costume design – Elitsa Georgieva

Music – Emilian Gatsov-Elbi


With: Vladimir Karamazov, Radina Kardgilova, Radena Valkanova, Svetlana Yancheva, Sofia Bobcheva, Elena Telbis

Photos – Pavel Chervenkov

Creative concept of the poster – The Smarts

Trailer – https://vimeo.com/243957860

Premiere – 1st and 2nd December 2017