Ivan Alexandrov with a Wedding Cake for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 13 May 2018

The head pastry chef Ivan Alexandrov (brother of Vlado Karamazov) won over a serious competition and gained the opportunity to create one of the most important cakes for the wedding of the year – the cake for the journalists from all over the world to report the glamorous event on May 19th.

Ivan has been working in London for several years and has created real pastry masterpieces under the Boutique Cookie’s Cakes brand. Vlado’s brother joined the wedding cake competition following a special invitation from Deborah Bonetti, director of the Foreign Press Association (FPA), and after constantly proving his talent in pastry art. This is another high point that Ivan conquers on the Island in this sweet but very difficult profession.

The Windsor wedding of Prince Harry and Hollywood actress Meghan Markle is among the top events of the year, and preparations for it began several months ago. 600 guests are invited at the wedding, and 200 people at the evening reception. Billions of viewers all over the world will watch the ceremony live, which will broadcast on television and on the Internet.

The royal family has entrusted the preparation of the most important cake to pastry chef Claire Ptak from Violet Bakery, and the second most important cake will be made by Ivan. Ivan will make a 5-tier cake with cascade sugar flowers and royal ornaments with elderflower and lemon flavours, as is the taste of the royal cake.

We wish Ivan to conquer many more pastry art tops, and why not even replace the current pastry chef for the royal cake!

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