Meeting and Discussion about the Art as a Business with Vlado Karamazov 24 April 2018

Vlado Karamazov was a guest lecturer at the University of National and World Economy and shared with students from different subjects of the Faculty of Management and Administration and the Business Faculty good practices from his experience in producing and organizing campaigns for cultural projects. The main focus of the conversation was the need for today’s professionals to be entrepreneurial, adaptable to the dynamic external environment, and to implement strategies and non-standard approaches.

The students asked their guest whether art meets with business, are there business practices that sustainably and effectively support art in search of a more direct way to the audience. Vlado was pleased to disclose his own set of management practices and insights on how to work in a team with people who are strong in their areas, how to create a working project, how important communication with consumers is.

Scientific Research Centre for Good Management Practices at the University of National and World Economy was founded in 2015. It initiates a number of discussions with people from different areas in order to acquaint the students with the working mechanisms and successful business practices in Bulgaria. This way young people have the opportunity to draw experience and inspiration for their future projects.