Vlado Karamazov in “EVA” Magazine 13 March 2019

March issue of “EVA” magazine features Vlado Karamazov and Teodora Duhovnikova. While the audience follows with interest their characters Philip Chanov and Mia Yazova in the new Bulgarian series “Devil’s Throat”, in the Cover Story of the magazine they tell about their relations in front of the camera and in life and about their “Anatomy of a Friendship”.

Besides colleagues, the two actors are also good friends in life. They have partnered many times on stage and on screen. About her, about their friendship and their relations, he says: “She is sent to me so I would know that there is a person who, whatever happens to me, whatever fights we have, will always care about me and help me.“

Vlado Karamazov shares about the process of developing the character of Philip Chanov: “My tactics is not to watch anything. I think everyone can do something authentic because we think differently, our filters of perception of the world are different. And when you trust your intuition, the result can be more interesting than watching something and wondering how to do it almost the same”. He reveals more about the work on the Devil’s Throat series, about the atmosphere and the cast and crew relations: “We became so close that it was hard to part in the end. This is not common”.

Read the full interview in “EVA” magazine, issue March 2019.