Vlado Karamazov’s Stickers and Chatbot Already Live on Viber 28 April 2018

On his birthday Vlado Karamazov pleased his fans with two attractive gifts – a pack of Viber stickers and a chatbot. After the actor became the first Bulgarian with Viber Community in March this year, now there are two more functionalities.

The Viber stickers will be active in the Sticker Market until mid-summer and are free to download in Bulgaria. Each of them presents in a fun way his roles in theatre, cinema, television, among which are “The Ideal Husband”, “Carnival of Thieves”, “Dakota”, “Spinach with Chips”, “God of Carnage”, “The Tree of Life”, the Survivor reality. There are also colourful visions showing his hobbies and emotions. The collection has also a special sticker initiative – “At the Theatre”. With it, Vlado reminds the theatrical viewers that telephones obstruct the actors during a performance, and that’s why they should be turned off when entering the theatre. The 22 illustrations are made by the artist-animator Hristo Trenev.

The other news about Vlado is the chatbot Vladrob Connecto. The information public channel has its reserved place on the Viber platform. It’s created by the young but very fast growing Bulgarian company Connecto.ai. The chatbot is one of the latest trends in online communication and is an adequate solution for a fast and accurate communication in the digital space. It has its visual identity and its main purpose is to inform and be useful to all fans of Vlado. The connection with it is easy, and just as easy and fast Vladrob answers questions about new projects, latest news about the actor, current publications on his blog, and of course – about his theatrical program. Everything is gathered in one place and saves time. The chatbot Vladrob Connecto has its biography and personal photos, available in the Viber space. Its visual appearance was created by the Bulgarian animator, film artist and visual artist Vladimir Todorov. For the last 20 years he has worked for some of the biggest companies in the UK and Hollywood. His lightning career has began at Stephen Spielberg’s Amblimation Studio in London and continued to Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, Disney Pictures, Universal. His name is associated with iconic projects like “Beowulf”, “Harry Potter”, “Polar Express”, and “Alice in Wonderland”.

The Community, the sticker package and the chatbot have been provided by Viber to the Bulgarian actor, so that his relationship with the fans becomes even closer. All posts arrive as personal messages in the public chat, and the robot responds only when there are questions asked.

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