Vlado Karamazov’s Website Turns 1 Year Old 24 December 2018

For the first year of its online life Vlado Karamazov’s official website got nearly 100 000 unique visitors and 290 000 views. In the past 365 days, 46 news and 48 blog stories, personally created by Vlado, have been published in the actor’s digital space. Along with them, their place in the website had also the most important interviews, theatrical productions, TV series, films, photo sessions, dubbings and projects since the beginning of his creative career until now. More than half of the website users are 18-34 years old, and 53% are reading the publications on their mobile devices.

Since the official launch on December 25th, 2017, vladimirkaramazov.com has become the backbone of the small “media” of Vladimir Karamazov. It is a link between all social channels of the actor on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube and Viber. The website is tasked also with showing that success can be achieved and dreams can come true in Bulgaria. And the message it brings is inspirational – when you really want something, the geographic place cannot be an obstacle in your path.

“The Talented” and “Mission Maverick” are among the most important projects that have found their place in the website. Thanks to them, Vlado has told about dozens of heroes of our time – successful and talented people, friends of his, and people he admires. “Mission Maverick” was realised with the kind support of Glenfiddich. The website has also become a major advertising source of the joint project-experiment of Viber & Vlado Karamazov. The blog launched also the series “The Audience Asks – Vlado Answers”. Its formula is a working one – readers ask questions through Viber chatbot Vladrob, and Vlado periodically answers them in his blog. The improvised interviews are fun, and there are many meaningful questions as well. This tradition will continue in the next year.

The website will gradually become also an online photo gallery. Each year the best and most prominent Bulgarian photographers will make a photo session of the actor. Thus, the visual appearance of the website will change over time. In 2018, all photographs were taken by Dragomir Spasov. The photos for 2019 were taken by Stefan N. Shterev of 3inSpirit.

New things added for the jubilee:

҉   Reconstructed Blog – for easier search of a text

҉   Text “Balance-sheet 2018” – in Blog > Projects

҉   Text about my friend Dr. Kostadin Angelov– in Blog > Projects

҉   Page of “Stolen Life” – in Work > TV Series

҉   Page of the new photo session for the website – in Gallery > Photosessions

҉   Accents of the past 2018 – in Lexicon > 2018

҉   Archive of interviews in print media since 2002 till today – in Media > Press

҉   News with more information about the website – you are reading it now