Vlado Tells about Five People in Glenfiddich’s “Mission Maverick” 17 September 2018

For five weeks, Vlado Karamazov will present five people with undaunted spirit who express his idea of a “Maverick”.

For the first time in Bulgaria, Glenfiddich’s “Mission Maverick” will reveal the stories of strong personalities with rebellious spirit and innovative thinking, who pursue their dreams and achieve success. The Mavericks, whom Vlado will tell about, are brave enough to create their own path in life, own personal rules, they are not afraid of the unconventional and overcome difficulties driven by their intuition. Every one of them has his/her great successes in the professional field. Every one of them is spiritual, inventive and charismatic. This makes them worthy participants in “Mission Maverick”. Vlado describes them through personal impressions, memories and life situations he has shared with them. “I have been searching for interesting people for quite some time. Some of them I work with, others I admire for their achievements. I have always been attracted by the Mavericks, or as I call them – successful innovators. People who do not stand with folded arms but pursue their dreams and succeed. For me, they are the inspirers, provokers, giving the positive and so important example. Thanks to them, we say that everything is possible and it is in our hands” – he shares.

The five parts of the project have concrete themes and will be published every Tuesday at http://misiamaverik.com and on Vlado Karamazov’s website.

PART 1/ September 18th – “The Nature of Art“

PART 2/ September 28th – “Aaaand… Action!“

PART 3/ October 8th – “Traveller’s Aria“

PART 4/ October 18th – “Sticker on the Bar“

PART 5/ October 28th – “Comfort and Adrenaline“

The other author in this project is journalist Diana Alexieva. She has also found five personalities who carry the halo of the modern “Maverick”.

Have a nice read, lots of inspiration, and cheers with Glenfiddich!