Vlado with Motor Deltaplane over the Seven Rila Lakes 11 June 2018

After the adventure helicopters flights during the filming of all seasons of Survivor, Vlado scored another extreme experience – this time with a motor deltaplane.
The flight happened on June 8th, 2018 at 6:00 a.m., with the invaluable help of pilot Petyo Kyurkchiyski from “Free Fly” Aeroclub. Right at sunrise Vlado put on the helmet, listened carefully to the pilot’s instructions, took the camera and flew over the beautiful Rila lakes. The flight lasted for 1 hour and 12 minutes and reached 3100 м altitude. The route started with a few rounds over the Seven Rila Lakes, then over “Ivan Vazov” hut and “Kalin” dam. The descent began from the southern side of Dupnitsa, flying to the right side of the town, and landed on the runaway in Sapareva Banya.
Vlado shared about the flight with motor deltaplane that it is “Great experience. During the whole flight I felt freedom, because I’ve never flown so openly, without a metal around me. You are all in the air, you feel how the temperature changes and how you pass through the different temperature layers. I’ve never been to the Seven Rila Lakes and I’m glad that I saw them first from the air. You clearly understand why they are named this way – “The Kidney”, “The Twin”, “The Trefoil”, “The Tear”, “The Eye”, “The Fish Lake”, “The Lower Lake”. I saw “Ivan Vazov” hut. I’ve heard a lot about it and now I saw that it’s extremely far away. Then I saw Dupnitsa from above as well, and I liked it. I felt absolutely safe in Petyo’s experienced hands and I strongly recommend everyone to reward themselves with such experience. You will remember it for life. Petyo will never refuse an unforgettable flight.”
Petyo Kyurkchiyski from “Free Fly” Aeroclub was born in Dupnitsa and knows very well the beauties of the region and Rila. After his many flights with glide and motor paraplanes and deltaplanes, he gained serious experience in this area. Vlado and Petyo know each other from their common friend – the owner of “Motomania”.

Coming soon in Gallery – photos from the flight.
If you want to fly, visit his page HERE