Vlado’s first chat interview in the public channel of Viber Bulgaria 24 March 2018

In line with the latest developments in Viber’s virtual space, Vlado Karamazov gave his first interview a few hours before the premiere of the theatre production “Neo-Summerfolk”. In the Viber’s public account, which has more than 850 000 followers, Vlado answered to interesting and current questions about theatre, motorcycles, travels, photography and the new “Devil’s Throat” TV project.

Also mentioned was one of the most current news related to his Community, launched a few days ago. “We’ve come up with lots of things for the next few months. Many new things happen around it, many people will come there and it will be really interesting. Every day I come up with lots of ideas which I will try to realize in the months to come. I want this space to be authentic and absolutely different from all other social networks. I want people there to see things they cannot see anywhere else”, Vlado said. Joining “Vladimir Karamazov Community” is very easy – by following this link. Very soon other popular actors, friends of Vlado, will also come to this community, and by their likes the followers will choose who they will be.

Also revealed during the chat were interesting details about the Viber stickers, which will be released in April, and will be free and unlimited for download. They will present the actor in a fun way through his popular roles in theatre, cinema and television. “There will be a sticker from my character in Survivor, Tree of Life, Othello, An Ideal Husband, and a very special one – “I am at the Theatre”. It will be for all the fans of the theatre”, Vlado told the followers of Viber Bulgaria.