People of the Theatre – Part 2 26 July 2018

Part of project “People of the Theatre”

Here continues the series where I present people of the theatre. Those who the audience does not see, but who are just as important to the theatre as we – the actors – are. Here I will present mostly people working in the National Theatre for many years. With some of them we have been together for long, they were there when I joined the company and we are under the roof of the most prestigious theatre in Bulgaria to this day. They are nice people who live on the stage and around it, all of them – professionals in their field. Meet them here.


Dragomir Terziev / National Theatre, Head of stagehands

He is direct supervisor of the stagehands and stagehand services. His responsibility is huge, because if the stage design of a certain production is not proper, if an important detail is missed and the stage is not secured, someone might get hurt. He is young but his knowledge of the stage of the National Theatre is excellent. He inherited the position from another colleague, who had worked there for many years. He took the position when he was about 30 years old. Drago is a very valuable person.

Valentin Yankov – The Cutter / National Theatre, Master carpenter

He has been in the theatre for nearly 30 years. And he is one of the oldest personnel of the National Theatre. He is a colourful person. With his incredible sense of humour, it is always fun around him. Valio is responsible for all the furniture included in the productions. He keeps them and takes care of them so they always look good. People call him “The Cutter” because he cuts very well J

Katia Pavlova / National Theatre, Male wardrobe

This woman is a nice, smart and absolute professional. For many years, she has been a wardrobe keeper in Sofia Theatre. Now she is with us and it is great. She is always ready to help and is very caring – both for the costumes and for us – the male actors in the theatre. It is truly a privilege that she is with us.

Milan Kopchev / National Theatre, Upper mechanization and electronics

In addition to the upper mechanization and electronics, Milan takes care of the Labour Safety in the theatre as well. He trains all new people – guest actors, stage designers. And, when there is a new set mounted for a first time, he monitors for risk elements, assists for the safety of the actors and everyone with an access to the stage. He is the person who knows everything about the stage. At the final scene of Marius Kurkinski’s “King Stag” 15 battens were lowered down, round lamps mounted on each of them. All this had to happen simultaneously and to be a spectacular descent of a ceiling with lamps. Milan was doing it alone and calling it a nightmare – the battens were 15 and the hands only 2. He used legs, mouth, everything that could simultaneously pull the desk buttons. He always succeeded and always evoked loud applauses.


Johanna Kostadinova / National Theatre, Director’s secretary

Hanna is related to the theatre by fate. Her husband was the actor Nikolay Kostadinov who left us untimely. He was gone as, people say, good people leave. Those days in the past were very stressing. Since then, Hanna stayed in the theatre permanently, and as the right hand of many directors. From the Satirical Theatre, she transferred to the National Theatre and now she is again the boss’s secretary. She knows everything but she shares only a slight facial gesture with others. Hanna is strict and discrete. And it is not a coincidence that different directors want her as their secretary.

Rozalina Peicheva / National Theatre, Female makeup and hair

Roza is the head of makeup in the National Theatre. She is old personnel. She is a friend with all actresses. She takes great care of them. She always surprises them with new haircut or new makeup. Women are used to her and feel comfortable under her care. She likes her profession and often experiments in it. She suggests crazy and bold solutions to the costume designers and often puts the final touch to the character with a makeup and haircut. She really cares about the theatre and it will not be the same without her.

Gеorgi Angelov / National Theatre, Head of technical service

They call him Goro the Red. This man is everything in the theatre. I have even asked what exactly his job description is. Goro knows everything about the theatre and I think he is responsible for almost everything. He is a very decent man, always in good mood. How he does it – I do not know. Whatever you ask him, he will do it. He is constantly on the move and constantly doing something. He is a friend with everyone. Goro is cool and I associate him with this theatre. They are as one – the theatre and Goro.

Alexander Markov and Bisera Markova / National Theatre, Sound

I have known Alexander and Bisera since my first role in the National Theatre. They were the only sound managers in the theatre – for a very long time. They were the only ones doing the sound on Main Stage and of all complex productions. In the morning they were rehearsing the new production, in the evening they were leading the sound of the repertoire production. And like this for many years. They had no right to be sick or not feeling well. The responsibility was huge because there was no production without them. Over the years, very rarely they have made any mistakes. I hardly remember such a case. Two lives spent in the theatre. Their love has started in the theatre and has continued there. On the day of their retirement, after their last production, Alexander Morfov gave them his first Askeer as a present. A very valuable thing for them. When I called them to photograph them, they got happy and I got worried. I am used to seeing these people on another place in another context. They brought the Askeer and posed for my camera. They are really the theatre personified, and the people who present it best. They shared with me that they had asked to receive every week the programme of the theatre, with rehearsals and productions. They get together and read it. That is how they do not feel so detached from the theatre. The programme they receive is the thing that connects them with their life – the theatre.


Text – Vladimir Karamazov

Photographer – Vladimir Karamazov for #Karamazovfoto

26.07.2018                                                                                  Vladimir Karamazov ®