The beauty we have to discover 22 December 2017

Maybe a person has to grow up and reach a certain age in order to discover the really beautiful things in life. When you are young you are busy with more pragmatic things. Your senses are occupied with pursuits of career, recognition, self-improvement, with more shallow thoughts and beauties. For me the real beauty is tranquility. For me something is beautiful if it gives me tranquility. A bag, a car or a motorcycle are also beautiful, but their beauty is for the reality and the unpleasant matrix we live in. I am talking about the other type of beauty, in the other dimension of life. Maybe such type of beauty can be seen and discovered when a person is already a bit tired, when life has shown him that he is the stronger one, and when he has achieved some of his dreams.

In the summer of 2017 I discovered such beauty. I am happy that it happened to me. Such discovery rearranges many things in your mind, creates a little hearth in your soul, from where you draw positive energy when you feel bad or lost in the jungle of the modern world. So, I discovered the Rhodope Mountains. This mountain has a truly special charging energy. The places you can see there not only take your breath, but they leave a print in your mind. And not only with an image but with an energy as well. Now when I feel bad in my daily life I remember the Rhodope Mountains and the tranquility comes back. I have been around these places before, and yes, it has been beautiful, but I have not felt the beauty I’m talking about. There is time for everything.

It all started with a work engagement in the summer. Shooting a crime television series with a wonderful script and crew. And the location of the shooting was the Rhodope Mountains. But it was a secondary thing. The good news for me was that I would leave Sofia for two months. When we arrived there and started the work, I felt the mountain taking over me. The fact that the work was very interesting and a big challenge for me as an actor, that the crew involved very nice people, that I was at a difficult stage of my life, and that we spent unforgettable days and evenings, probably also had its impact. But I fell in love with this part of Bulgaria. What will I do from now on? I will look for my little place in this mountain. I want to become a small part of the Rhodope Mountains.

Open your eyes and soul and look for this beauty in life. It’s exactly the thing that will save us from the aggressive present. And one more thing. In the play I am rehearsing at the moment the author wrote simple but very sensible words – “You have to lose the world to find it”.

When you are on the verge of losing something big, don’t be afraid of what will happen, because what will follow might be better and actually your real life.

All photos are taken in the Rhodope Mountains by me with my amateur camera.

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