The Boutique Creative Director 22 November 2019

Part of project “Tireless People under 40”

Georgi Panchev – age 34

Supported by NIVEA

The first thing I heard about Georgi (Joro) was that he is an odd and sulky type of a person.

I had to find a very good artist (creative designer) for important projects we had. I wanted a really good one, according to my criteria of good. The way we present a certain project to the public is extremely important for me. And it is extremely important this presentation to be professional at a good level. After acquaintances gave me Joro’s phone number, they told me that he would probably refuse to work with us because he most probably did not like us. He is more Art. And what are we, I asked myself, probably not very ART. But the person who gave me the contact told me to call him anyway. All this made me very curious about this man. I wanted to meet him. After we talked on the phone, he agreed to meet. I was a bit nervous, because if he was puffed up and posing too much, it would annoy me and the meeting would end badly. Joro came. Yes, slightly the sulky type, does not talk much, but an interesting person. After I showed him what we had done before and tried to show a scale, I decided to ask him to do something small, which will show us if we could work together. He accepted. I wanted him to make a report on a realised advertising campaign for one of our partners after a big project. On the whole, a boring thing that is not supposed to have creativity. But I asked him to think about how something like that could become beautiful and how to have creativity in it. I think that when you put a focus and give significance on the small things, then you distinguish yourself from others and this way you can demonstrate a way of thinking and an attitude to your work. For me, it was important this report to be beautiful, well arranged, and enjoyable while looking at numbers and tables. A few days passed and Joro sent me the report. I could not believe my eyes. It was times above my expectations. A great thing that I can easily put in a frame. It had both a thought and creativity. I realised that he was our man. To this day, these reports are in my phone and I brag about them. When you show the companies something like that, they look at you differently. Mastering the details is one of the most important things for me in any work. We started working with Joro. Suddenly the artist with a difficult character started working with us. This was another case when a solid rule of mine was confirmed. Never judge people by what others say about them, and always trust your own opinion. Joro Panchev is one of those talented people who create art with a camera and a computer. Because both business and advertising should involve art. Sure, advertising is to serve and support the business to grow, but why not involve art too? Very often, big companies kill the creativity in advertising. Most directors believe they know everything better than anyone, and in their strive to develop their business, they ignore the opinions of the professionals. Very often, extremely talented people do things well below their level, just because that is what their bosses want. If these people are left to do what their heart desires, what excites them, much more innovative and creative things may be created, which will work much better for a company’s business. And it is precisely people like Joro who have been on the highest positions in the big advertising agencies that decide to retire and turn their back on the big companies. Because the latter destroy the creator, they do not use him as such, but as some executor of other people’s ideas. But these people are artists. Now Joro works only with people he likes. People who allow him to create. People who are interested in his advice and opinion as a professional. When he was making the draft for my website, I remember that I wanted each section to have a different colour. He told me it would look like an “English school”. I did not agree with him, whatever that meant, but I said ok. Now I understand how right he was and what a mistake I would have made if I had twisted his arms. Joro is one of those people who answer your emails with a “yes” or “no”. At first it was strange to me. I write and explain in details, and I receive “Yes”. Then I got used to it, because I saw that this was not a pose, but just a person with his odd character. Am I not odd too?

While I was rehearsing with Ivan Panteleev, he talked a lot about the people who annoy us, who express their opinions without being ashamed and without worrying about offending anyone. These people are very important to the society because by telling you something you do not want to hear, they make you think and reconsider things, again and again. Without such people, we will live in a comfort that leads to nothing, and, what is worst, a comfort that is a lie. Joro will always tell me something that will nettle me. But for me it is always followed by a process of reflection and contemplation from all sides. I am not saying he is always right, no, but his honesty helps me a lot. Unfortunately, such people are an extinct type.

We gave Joro a theatre assignment too. To make a poster of a theatre production. And to make it in a way that he thinks is good. He took the play, read it, he was curious about this project. He made something that I consider very good. I think this is exactly the type of work he likes, a work very close to art. We started working on my first Viber stickers. I believed he would make them great. He is very good at comic book graphics. But after making two of the stickers, he told me it was very difficult for him. I liked his stickers a lot. But he explained to me that it was not something he would do with an ease. I know from my professional experience that when a work involving creativity is done with difficulty, the viewer will subconsciously notice it. And a creator should never do something forcibly or something he does not feel good about. So Joro made the advertising visions for the Viber project. Again I thought about honesty. How important it is to tell each other what we think. Even if it is not pleasant, even if it creates problems for you. Being honest is the best way of existing.

For me, the only disadvantage of Joro is that he is not ambitious. He wants to be calm and not to strain. I have told him many times that I want to present him to some big companies, but he has refused me every time. But we live this life only once and we have to squeeze the maximum out of it and strive to achieve far more than we think we can. It is my way of thinking. He likes to be calm. To surf, to walk in the mountains and be away from the big cities. The good thing about him is that he can afford it. He could make my website even in the Rhodopes. He only needs internet. For me, it is far more complicated. But everyone does what he has learnt.

So, almost everything you have seen around my projects in the last years is Joro’s work. I like everything he does because he does it with pleasure. We are currently doing something very good about the project where he is one of the characters. You will see it and touch it in December.

I will need Joro Panchev where I am headed to. If one day I get there, I will invite him to come and then I will hope he will accept the invitation. I hope there will be projects that he will like and he will make them look much better than I have imagined.


Supported by NIVEA

Text – Vladimir Karamazov

Translation from Bulgarian – Diana Dimitrova

Photographer – Vladimir Karamazov for #karamazovfoto

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