The boys from Enhancv 12 February 2018

Part of project “Great Together”

I really want my blog to be a place where you’ll meet talented young people who succeed and have achievements in their endeavours. People I know and people who daily inspire me with their consistency and tirelessness in pursuing their dreams. Because they are the good example and a source of inspiration both for me and for all of you. It is important to be aware of and to talk about the achievements, successes and good practices.

Let me tell you about Volen and Georgi from Enhancv. I met them for the first time accidentally on a flight from London to Sofia in the spring of 2017. The plane was full and two noisy boys with bags boarded at the last moment. Of course, under Murphy’s law, the two vacant seats beside me were theirs. They were stuffing their bags in the luggage compartment, speaking loudly and pushing around. I felt sick by the thought that they’ll sit right next to me. On top of everything, one of them recognized me and shouted: “Wow, Vlado Karamazov – great”. He seemed happy to see me and started talking to me. I just said “okay, okay, just sit down quickly”. I was really uncomfortable because I thought they would bother me the whole flight. They started explaining how much they like what we do with Julian and Zachary, and that our business is actually a start-up company in the field of arts. They said it’s very rare and that they follow our development. Neither I knew what’s a start-up nor I’d heard of it. They explained and I asked them what they do. It turned out these 25-year-old boys have their own company and have developed resume builder helps you create a resume to be proud of. They showed it to me, and shared that they are among the leading companies in this field in the USA. . I learned that they got featured in some of the top US media – Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and others. Their most successful marketing campaign, Marissa Mayer’s CV, reached thousands of people and helped the company gain velocity and stability. I was very impressed – because of their achievements, and because three friends made their dream come true in the best way. At that time, I was very interested in business models and how they function, soI asked them about their business model in details. They told me about their challenges, how they started, about the moments they were out of money, about their multiple quarrels, and the people they separated with. Despite all these challenges, they never stopped believing in their idea, because they could see their impact – how they were helping people believe in themselves and get their dream jobs. In their opinion, there are many young people with good ideas in Bulgaria who are potential foundersof huge profitable companies.

Time flied so fast that I really didn’t notice when we landed at Sofia Airport. These loud boys turned out to be great talented people and a very good company. We agreed that I’ll visit them in their office. Not long after that, I met them there. We started discussing how we can work together. We drew up future plans and ideas. They gave me a diary – The Five Minute Journal. It’s developed by psychologists and makes you look for, find and appreciate the Good things every day. You need to write down the best things that happened to you today, and the good things you did.At first, it’s a bit difficult to find so many good things in the gray everyday life, but that’s exactly what it’s meant for. To make you look for the positive.

They also showed me the CV of Bulgariathat they have made. They have put together the most important facts that can make you feel truly proud. . They promised to make a CV like this for me as well. When I saw it I liked it a lot and went through it many times. In the end I was convinced that this was indeed the important information about me (see my CV here).


Do such a CV about you as well. You would see yourself in a different way. And you will have a great way to present yourself to potential  employers if you are looking for a job.  Put the most important things about you, by letting your heart make the judgement.If you get casting calls and job offers, I will be very happy because this CV platform is made by Bulgarians And since it is helping many people worldwide, why not make use of it ourselves?

If you manage to get a job with your Enhancv CV, drop me a line about it

There is more information on the company website if you’re interested –

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