They Ask Me 23 December 2019

Part of project “Tireless People under 40”

Vladimir Karamazov – age still 40

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Ina – If you had the power to change one thing in humanity, what would it be and would you use that power?

Vlado – Oh yes, I would use it! In the last years, what shakes me most is selfishness in people. People are so focused on themselves that they do not see what is happening next to them. And I mean people close to you. It is very sad when you feel that you need help, the person next to you knows about that need, and does nothing. I would eliminate this thing called selfishness. And there is one more thing. I would make it so that we hear each other. When I say something, it should be heard and understood as it is. Not refracted and distorted. This is also a big problem – to hear and understand each other. The main problem for humanity today is not being able to hear and tolerate.

 Victoria – What is the thing you have not stopped believing in? If you could devote yourself to one activity right now, what would it be? If you could get rid of a flaw of yours at the expense of a quality of yours, what exchange would you do? If you could give yourself a piece of advice when you were a child, what would you say?

Vlado – I have never stopped believing that I can do something great in my life. I hope to achieve it. I have never stopped believing in my dreams too. They are the thing that moves me forward. Over the years, the things I want to do vary. I try to become good at them. Currently, it is photography. Very complex and large matter. Like an ocean, and you have to find your place and get noticed in that ocean. So at the moment, I would devote myself only to photography. But still I am an actor and I will have to do both activities hand in hand. This exchange provokes me to think. I would get rid of the feeling of mine that does not allow me to let people help me. I always say that I will manage on my own, and when someone does something for me, I begin to feel remorse. To eliminate this feeling, I would give my perseverance – the engine for many things I do and I think it is a quality I can part with.

POWHA – Is there anything that makes you lose track of time? The mistake you repeat over and over again? Can you overcome yourself?

Vlado – When I take photos, I do not feel the time. I forget about it, absorbed in whether I will take a good shot. Another thing is riding a motorcycle. You think only about how you ride and how to avoid something bad happening on the road. That is why I love these activities very much.

The mistake I make is something I realise is part of me and will probably always remain so. I am a perfectionist and I always take all the work that needs to be done. So the people around me get used to me doing everything. All this goes to extremes and breaks in relationships. I always do it and people take me for granted, which is normal. I realise that I should not do it, but I do it.

 Dimitar – If you could choose and start again, what would you choose? Theatre or something else? And why? What has changed / has not changed?

Vlado – I want to be a pianist. I very much want to play music. But I have realised that my profession, the one I have chosen, does not prevent me from taking new paths and challenges. All things to do with the arts provoke and attract me. Over the years I am looking for them and trying to develop in them. I want to be an artist in the many dimensions of this word.

 Georgi – When will Vlado Karamazov stop and start a family?

Vlado – Maybe I will never stop because that is how I live and I am like that. And family is something that will either happen or not. I have learned to conform to life and not be angry. Once again, I will reply with a piece of a text from a play – “It is important that you allow everything that happens around you to be what it is. You have to allow everything just to be”.

 Pavel – What would you say to someone who does not see a point in moving forward?

Vlado – If you are in such state, it is hard for anyone to influence you. It has happened to me twice with close people of mine and I have not succeeded neither with words nor with actions. Now I try this way, with this newspaper and with these stories. I do it exactly for such people who might be influenced by the positive example. The people in these stories are like them, they fight in spite of everything. It is easy to give up, the more difficult path is to keep going. But if it is not difficult, it will not be interesting.

Peter – What do you prefer to be – an actor or a photographer?

Vlado – There are many stages and different periods in a person’s life. I have been intensively involved in my profession for over 20 years. However, every time I am proposed something new and interesting, I try to take advantage. I do it for the process of proving yourself. To start from scratch, to learn, to develop and to become good. It is a long process, but very interesting and useful. As an actor I have passed it 10 years ago. I have proved myself, I have worked and performed in the best plays, in the best theatres and productions, with the best directors. Now, I prefer to be a photographer because I am in the process of proving and learning. And it is more interesting.

 Kalin – Would you join the colonization of another planet?

Vlado – Not in the main colonization activity, but I would join a research team that documents the new race and its way of life and culture. I imagine it like “Avatar”. To go and photograph the unknown world. I would burst with curiosity. In fact, lately, I have noticed that my curiosity for the unknown is so great that it drives me into risky situations. I realise it long after I have been an inch away from an incident. I am curious about our world, let alone another planet. I would drop everything without a blink and go to photograph. And besides, hopefully, if it happens, there will be no colonization process, but a process of acquaintance and agreement.

Hristo – What do you think will be your new passion in the hobbies that overtake you? First there were trips, then diving (with all the gear, courses, etc.), then the 3 motorcycles! (again equipment, maintenance and more), now I think is photography… (which is also not cheap in terms of equipment and training)? Next? Don’t you want to be an astronaut?

Vlado – At least in time I can say that I have tried and done many things – motorcyclist, traveller, diver, photographer, actor, host, scribbler. The more the better. That is how you really try the life. I have met interesting people in these various activities. I have enriched my life. As for the financial part, people have said it – “You cannot put price on pleasure”. Money is for spending. And I am glad that for me money is only a mean that helps me get to know the world. I have never saved it and put it aside. You have missed the trips in the list. I have travelled for about 10 years and I have visited half of the planet. Now I start again because the other half awaits me. And all this is far better than dealing with Liverpool all the time, like you. Everything to revolve around Liverpool. I do not understand this mega boring passion at all. Your hobby is Liverpool?


Supported by NIVEA

Photographer – Diliana Florentin

Translation from Bulgarian – Diana Dimitrova


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