Three Meetings in “Great Together” 10 January 2018

Part of project “Great Together”

In the summer of 2017 our partners in many Grant’s projects suggested to me and Julian Vergov to do something nice and positive. To participate in a project to help people overcome a fear, achieve a dream, and boldly continue with their endeavours. We had to find them, provoke them and motivate them to achieve their goals. We liked the idea very much, and we jumped into it fearlessly. We were a bit concerned, would there be such people, would we get frivolous suggestions and would it happen at all. There are many people who need motivation, but were we going to come across them? Time would show.

“Great Together” began and the requests started coming. We had a lot of fun with them. It turned out Bulgarians are definitely people with a great sense of humour. Some of the applications were funny, others were meaningful and with a cause. I remember a girl – Zlatka, who wanted us to restore her old house, shot in a number of films. Great, but how could we help? We would probably have destroyed this house with our “masterful” abilities in construction work. There was also a man from Asenovgrad, who wanted us to join him in stealing his bride. Dozens of requests came to us – to build a dog house, to sell cement, to develop a business, to reconcile lovers fallen out, to read the poetry of a young poet, to help in the production and distribution of magnetic-induction electric power generators, to be a surprise at a party, to participate in unusual marriage proposal, etc. We gave a lot of thought which three people to choose. We wanted them to be people whom we could really help in their cause. And it was important to be fun, to laugh together doing something useful.

After a lot of consideration, we finally chose three people – Rostislav (wanted to become an actor), Eliza (wanted to overcome her fear of presenting in front of an audience) and Maria (wanted to learn to drive a car). We were sure we could help them.

 Project 1 – Rostislav

We decided to show him two places: NATFA (where he will study acting, if admitted) and National Theatre “Ivan Vazov” (where we wish him to work after he graduates NATFA). It is very important for a person to visualize his goals. In this way achieving them has real dimensions, not something coming out of a fantasy. At the same time, we assessed him how keen he is and whether he really wants to become an actor. He definitely wants! This boy is very serious and very enthusiastic. That day I myself returned to my student years. NATFA is a stone away from the places I am every day but I haven’t been in these halls in a decade. I saw my locker, I remembered the nice, enthusiastic student years. Rostislav received valuable advice for the entrance exam, saw the National Theatre in all its glamour, got motivation and was charged for the first difficult years for an actor. We wait for him on the big stages in the theatre. Until then we’ll cross fingers for him to become what he dreams of.

Grant’s #VelikiZaedno – Behind the Scenes – VIDEO 

Project 2 – Eliza

Pretty Eliza deals with medicines and pharmaceuticals. She constantly does presentations and meets with people to whom she needs to present the company’s portfolio. But she’s terribly agitates before any such meeting. This is in our craft, because every appearance before people, no matter how many, is agitating and you need time to shake off and overcome this feeling. How could we help her? One of the most reassuring things is to realize that you are not alone in the fears or failures, that other people, even the actors, are agitated. We told her about our first appearances before an audience, how stressful they were for us, how long time we needed to manage it. We shared subtle tips and tricks. We did a few exercises, and I can boldly say that Eliza is great and very communicative. She needed just a little. It was important to have more self-esteem. We will certainly have a whiskey after a while, and she will tell us if she has overcome her anxiety.

Grant’s #VelikiZaedno – Stage Fever – VIDEO

 Project 3 – Maria

Maria was afraid of driving a car, but she really wanted to overcome it and become a good driver. This was right in the bull’s eye for me and Julian. We could help here as well. We are both keen on motor vehicles, and are both enthusiastic on motor sports, so we have a lot of friends in this moto world. We remembered right away of Vladi from Dupnitsa, a former car racer and owner of one of the biggest driving schools. We told him about Maria and he asked us to take her to him. On the track he was waiting for us with his racing car, so Maria could face her biggest fear. At first she started a bit timidly, but she quickly mastered the car and even took us for a drive. For dessert, she had a ride in a sports car that accelerated to 250 km/h in 10 seconds. She will probably remember it for life – 250 km/h in 10 seconds 🙂 She will continue her studies at “Vladi Car” school.

Grant’s #VelikiZaedno – Driving Licence – VIDEO

Three achieved dreams, interesting experiences and emotions – it was “Great Together” in its first edition in 2017. I and Julian got lots of energy from these three meetings. We wanted to help many people, to visit many people. This idea should continue and develop because there’s nothing better than helping someone in pursuit of his dreams.


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