Vlado Karamazov’s Stickers – A Story in Pictures 17 July 2018

Part of project “Vlado Karamazov and Viber”

When I started making the Viber stickers, I very much wanted them to be my story in my work and partly in my life. I wanted to recreate a series of pictures related to my roles, including also my hobbies, and thus be a colourful story in pictures. This was not an easy task since I did not know where to start, which roles exactly to choose, how to choose the words for the stickers. When I was a student, my Professor used to tell us that it is very important to make an archive of photos and videos of our work. It is not an easy thing to do, especially if you work a lot. You constantly have to bother photographers, producers, theatres, so they give you videos or photos. I have done it over the years and it has cost me a lot. However, my persistence has paid off times and times. These stickers are one example of this. I dived into my archives and everything was just waiting for me there. Next step was to find a good artist. I succeeded, I found Hristo Trenev – a great talent and a master of caricature. We worked well together, he liked the idea concept of the whole package and thus Vlado Karamazov’s stickers in Viber were born. Here I will tell you about each sticker and what inspired it.


This is a scene from season 1 of “The Tree of Life” series. This was one of the last scenes, when my character Panto Valchev is bankrupted and destroyed by his brother. In this episode, he understands many truths, and I had to play many different extreme states. One of them was drunkenness. That is where the idea of this sticker was born. Around our Balkan latitudes, people very often say “Cheers”. Here is the sticker for your convenience ?

“At The Theatre”

It is made especially for the theatre fans. I hope it will be used. I wanted it to be also a reminder that people should not use phones in the theatre because their sounds and lights are extremely bothering while we perform on stage. Before you enter the theatre, you send this sticker to your family and friends, and they know that you are attending a cultural event in the next few hours.

 “Good Night”

I wanted the “good night” wish to come from “Godzilla”. To have a sense of humour. I thought whether I had played anything similar, and I remembered of my role in “Carnival of Thieves”. There I played a young inexperienced thief who disguised himself for a robbery. In the beginning of the production, I appeared on stage as a young lady, looking like a transvestite-Godzilla. We had lots of fun with this scene because Julian Vergov was disguised as an old auntie. That is where this sticker came from. The artist Hristo Trenev brought more humour to it, and thus appeared this slight mockery of my character who wishes you good night.

“Red Card”

This is my character in “Spinach and Chips” – The Soap. This is his memory of the time when he has been a main referee and has issued red cards. In the production, my character is downgraded to an assistant referee because of a corruption. The sticker is very useful for those of your friends in Viber who irritate you, who have made you angry and with whom you do not wish to talk. You give them a red card with this sticker and that ends it, at least for a day. After that, as the good people we are, you personally call the friend who got the red card and you reconcile.

“At Full Speed”

One of the things I love most. My motorcycles and travelling round the country with them. With this activity, I relax and empty my head from the stress. We took this photo with 3INSPIRIT. We got together and made a great photo session with my Ducati. It is hard to shoot in motion with high speed, but there are no impossible things for the talented professionals.

“I Grew a Beard”

Being neurotic, and getting nervous when waiting or something taking too long time, I decided to make such sticker as well. You can easily send it to someone who is late, or when the waiting for something takes long. I think the most fitting is the Bulgarian phrase “I grew a beard”. I started digging into my mind, trying to find which character would fit this phrase, and soon enough the first episode of the second season of “The Tree of Life” series popped up, where my character returned as a monk, and with a beard. Everything fitted.


There is nothing more awful than hearing this phrase, even with a polite tone, by a policeman who has pulled you over. It happened to me once. The policeman said “hello”, introduced himself, and then I remembered, why not “hello” said by a policeman. Besides, I have played a crazy policeman in “Dakota”. I wanted a sticker with a policeman, I had played a policeman, and I got pulled over by a policeman. There it is.

“Bad Connection”

I was in Paris and there I heard this phrase from two popular Bulgarians. They were joking about something, and one of them remembered a bloomer the other guy had done some time ago. The accused one kept repeating, “what did you say, I can’t hear you, bad connection, no no, there is bad connection”. It was funny and it stayed in my mind. Now, when someone asks me something that I do not like or I am just pecking, just for passing the time, I use this phrase. I wanted this to be in my stickers package and I accidently came upon a photo session I had done underwater with Diving.bg. There I was holding a photo showing that there was no service. Again, I was lucky and there was a coincidence of stories.


Some time ago, I modelled for a fashion catalogue of a young designer. I modelled with Teodora Duhovnikova, and Pavel Chervenkov was the photographer. The designer was EGG. I wanted the sticker “Cool” to be slightly crazy, teen, and to have me with a different haircut. Again, I browsed the photos of me somewhat of a Dracula, with a heavy makeup and a weird haircut, as if struck by electricity. I showed the photo to the artist and he said it would work out. I use this sticker the most.

“Thank You”

I wanted “thank you” to be said by a solid man. I do not know why, probably the first that comes to mind. I started browsing through the archive photos of a solid man, and did not find anything suitable. Then I remembered that I had shot in a beer commercial, as a knight. The metal armours weighed a ton, and I had to spend a whole day in them. That is the thing I remember from this commercial. The folder with these photos had a shot of me holding my heart. Excellent choice for this sticker. After we made all stickers, I showed them to Julian Vergov and he told me that the knight is more suitable for “I love you” phrase, and the gentleman from “I Love You” sticker is more suitable for the “Thank you” phrase. I got very angry because he was right. Now it leaps to my eye.

“I Will Survive”

I wanted to have a sticker from Survivor too. And, the phrase “I will survive” naturally came to mind. I wanted it to be not heroic but rather ridiculous. At the Survivor finale in the Philippines, we made a short film how I return, me – the host, with buffalos from there to Sofia. We thought of different big nonsenses and one of them was stealing a buffalo – a very popular animal there. We shot a whole day with this buffalo, which is generally not for riding. Well, I mounted it and it made me stink terribly. I browsed the photos, laughed again, and I told myself – that will do. Vlado the Survivor sitting on a buffalo.

“I Love You”

The sticker I got mixed up. Still, it turned out good, thanks to the artist Hristo Trenev. I like the details very much. It is my character Lord Goring in “An Ideal Husband”. We perform this production for 11 years already. If you have not seen it, come see it in the new season. Oscar Wilde will always be a classic and an author people adore.

“I Am Sorry”

The idea of this sticker came from “Delhi Dance” production. Since it is an emotional production, it is very suitable for a tearful “I am sorry”. I like a lot that the illustrator used a man in tears, but put him under an umbrella, with a pouring rain over him. Alone in the rain, rejected because of his transgression. This was also the sticker, which made me absolutely choose the talented artist Hristo Trenev.

“Happy Birthday”

What is more stupid than Vlado Karamazov jumping out of your gift? What is dumber than this? I would say to such gift “thank you but you can keep it or give it to someone else”. I do not wish such pain in the neck.

 “Call Me”

Naturally, this sticker should have a little phone as a reminder. I perform a character in a favourite production – Alain Ray in “God of Carnage”. A lawyer who talks on the phone all the time. A total hell for his wife. Our whole life passes with our phones. For better or worse. Really, sometimes I wish I can throw it and never think of it again. But, if I forget it at home, I go back even if I am 100 km away, because I feel crippled without it. A slight thought about phones.

“I Am Coming”

This is the village bachelor in Tedi Moskov’s production “Cyrano de Bergerac”. Always in a hurry, always smiling, and naïve. He flies to everything and everyone. He comes to the big cities and conquers territories. He settles comfortably and does not think it too much.


I wanted this story of stickers to include also the coming true of a creative dream of mine – to double a character in a Walt Disney movie. I passed a casting and got the role of Prince Naveen in “Princess and the Frog”. The work was very interesting, difficult and very slow. But, I learned a lot. When I heard myself in the cinema, I could not believe it was me. This work was a great memory. So, I managed to find a place for Prince Naveen in the last sticker “Bye”.


Stickers will be available on Viber sticker market until 26.07.2018.

You can download the stickers HERE

Text – Vladimir Karamazov

Stickers’ artist – Hristo Trenev

Photos – personal archive


17.07.2018                                                                                           Vladimir Karamazov ®