Vladrob Passed Me Your Questions – I Answered Them 15 August 2018

My secretary – Vladrob Connecto chatbot, who lives in Viber, passed me a bunch of questions you asked me through him. I want this contact with you to become a section on my website. A section where I will answer the questions you have left to my secretary. He told me everything but I did not have time so far to answer the most interesting questions. But better late than never. Keep writing him and he will inform me about everything. He cannot talk to you yet but soon this will happen too. Ask him questions and follow the buttons in the communication with him. There will be many sections to come. At the moment, the newest one is compromising materials, which he shows to the public to expose me. But ok, let him expose me. So, to your questions. Just so you know, I do not have the name of the person asking the question, because Viber is the most secure messenger and the personal information is not available to anyone, even to the people managing the application. The information is encrypted. You will see info about the user just as I see it – only date and time. I am the white gull.

2018-04-26 08:35:01.920
A few things from a fan – promises should be respected when you make them. His writing is highly readable but too non-literary, which is a bit irritating. He should put some more “Karamazov” and some less “Vlado”. And last – Julian Vergov is jealous, and it is very obvious. Good luck!
V.K. – Please write me what I have promised and not delivered. I also think that promises should be respected.
I write as I feel it. I am not professional in writing but an amateur, and I do not want to have a specific style. I write as I think. Do not be irritated but just stop reading. If I am irritated by something, I ignore it and do not think of it.
As for Julian Vergov – I will be very happy if you are right, I hope he is jealous, though I cannot think of anything in particular why.

2018-04-26 08:39:41.638
The Community followers are dropping off. What will you do to increase the fans’ interest?
V.K. – Yes, the number of the followers is really reducing. Let’s not forget that this is something quite new and I need time to understand what is interesting for the people here and what not. You can help with this. We can experiment together. I have more experience with the other social networks, while here I am still moving more gently. I have some ideas and I will start realizing them. I hope they will be interesting. I will disclose one of them. In August I will start shooting a big project. I will try to post interesting materials – photos and videos from the set. Materials that you cannot see anywhere else. I will be kind of paparazzi on the process and the other actors.

2018-04-26 09:20:10.360
I want you to tell Vlado that his Community is great but I think it will be even greater if every day or maybe every other day he tells us how his day went, and what new and interesting happened.
V.K. – OK. I will listen to your advice and start writing how my day has gone. It will not be every day but I will try to do it often.

2018-04-26 14:19:19.431
Tell Vlado I will wait for him at our place!
V.K. – Oh dear God, where is our place? There are many places on Earth.

2018-04-26 16:35:37.249
You’d better tell this Vlado that he iiiis a damr fag
V.K. – It is told. But why so bad?? But OK, so be it. I’m “damr fag”!

2018-04-26 18:38:57.405
Question № 1: Question about the functioning of the theatre: Given that the National Theatre has three stages where production are performed, and every month there are over 30-40 performances, how do all different groups of actors gather to rehearse on these three stages? Or maybe there are other stages as well, for rehearsing? But generally, aren’t the performances extremely many and the space too little???
V.K. – Rehearsals in the theatre last 4-5 hours in the morning, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and are carried out mostly in rehearsal rooms on the top floor. When the time comes to move the rehearsals to a set and on stage (which happens three weeks before the premiere), they again happen with the same schedule. After the rehearsals are over for the day, the stage workers come and start building the set for the evening performance. It is difficult for the actors who rehearse in the morning and have performance in the evening, because they have only 3 hours rest and the day becomes too long, and the real energy and condition should be focused at 7 p.m. This happens to me all the time. There is enough space. The National Theatre has 4 rehearsal rooms and 3 stages.
Question № 2: Question about the dressing rooms/changing rooms: Again somewhat the same question: With so many actors, does everyone have own changing room? Or are several people grouped into one changing room? And then whoever whenever has a performance and needs it, uses it??? Do you put make-up yourself or are there make-up artists? One of the photos on the website shows that someone else is putting your make-up. And again – I wonder how will there be enough make-up artists for all??? Three stages, three performances per evening, probably over 20-30 actors… And also, on that video from France you showed the changing room, which had bathroom/toilet? Does the National Theatre have bathroom/toilet in every changing room? And as a comparison – Which of the theatres you have been has the best conditions for the actors?
V.K. – There are dressing rooms in the theatre. There are several actors in each dressing room but these dressing rooms are our private places. They are ours for the years we spend in the theatre. I will tell you about me and this way it will become clear. I have been in my dressing room since I joined the theatre, I was invited in it by Krastyo Lafazanov and Niki Kostadinov. We were three actors there. Unfortunately, Niki passed away, Krastyo left, and it was just me. Later Julian Vergov, Niki Urumov and Rusi Chanev came. We are this group in this dressing room (not changing room, I beg you). We have wardrobes, lockers, personal stuff and everything we need. I have stuff since 15 years ago. There is room for all of us and no other people go there. There is a sign at the door with our names on it. The make-up in the theatre is in a separate room and it is male and female. There we go to get make-up before a performance. Most dressing rooms have bathroom and toilet. It is very cosy in the National Theatre, maybe because I am used to it and we have very good conditions. Not every theatre has such. In the West it is also very comfortable in the dressing rooms I have used.
Question № 3: From the position of a travelling man who has visited so many places in the world, who has many impressions about the other countries and the people there, and having a different, richer and more objective view on the world, please tell me where do you see Bulgarians and Bulgaria compared with the other countries? Quite often we, Bulgarians, consider and present ourselves on the lowest step – as a behaviour, personal qualities, opportunities, way and standard of life, everything… And with so much “self-hating” we do to ourselves, one begins to wonder… Where are we among all the others? What is your opinion on this matter? How does travelling around the world change your worldview on your own country and the people in it? Do you realize some things about us here after you have seen how the other people abroad live?
V.K. – One of the reasons why I travelled is exactly this. I see that we are not bad. We are somewhere in the middle. Below us is the one half of the world. I have visited countries where I have considered Bulgaria the paradise. Bright, clean, positive, unlike those parts of the world. I refer to Cambodia, Pakistan, the Philippines, India, and others like them. This gave me the feeling that Bulgaria is best. We are in the middle of the world and it is not little. On the contrary, it is the golden middle, which is quite valuable compared with the misery and horror around the world.

2018-04-26 19:23:42.329
I adooore Vladimir Karamazooov just wanted to say this, I don’t know if he’ll ever read it but I’ll write it anyway, because I get high just writing it!! I’m huuuge fan of him ever since I was 10 probably……
V.K. – I read it. I am very pleased and I can say that people like you lift me up as well. For a long time.

2018-04-27 16:00:22.602
Hello, I’d like to know if you’re planning or have an opportunity to play in a TV series/movie?
V.K. – Yes. In a few weeks I start shooting a new series. A great series with great colleagues. I cannot say more, the news is coming. You, the fans, will be the first to know. Follow my channels. I think you will be pleased.

2018-04-28 16:16:54.221
Well, that cleared up the things. At least I tried  If you will tell Karamazov everything I write, then let me make a confession. I like very very much Teodora Duhovnikova. I follow her on Facebook. Thanks to her I am here  I hope to know you better.
V.K. – Teodora will hear this. I will tell her. We will think of something special for you. Please write me a personal message on my Facebook page to know it is you. Here I see you only as date and time. Teodora delivers great performance on “Devil’s Throat”!

2018-05-03 17:38:34.152
The role of Panto is one of your strong and powerful performances. I really enjoyed it! And there is chemistry in your partnership with Teodora Duhovnikova, which cannot be explained with words!
V.K. – “The Tree of Life” is a very dear project to me. Teodora and I, we felt great working on it, and it is no secret that we are very close friends. This makes the work easy and also makes this chemistry you talk about. In “Devil’s Throat” we wanted to make different characters compared with Panto and Bojura and maybe we will surprise you. You will see it soon.

2018-05-07 13:58:34.219
How can I get in touch with Vlado
V.K. – Write me on Facebook and you’ll get in touch. I would post my phone number but then I would be the victim of a terror. Maybe.

2018-05-08 06:54:46.739
V.K. – Very glad to hear this. Yes, he is a mega talent. I very much wanted him to make the vision of Vladrob Connecto. It took me a month to gather the courage to write him, and then he accepted. He is a very very talented person.

2018-05-13 04:29:31.486
Dumb shit Vlado the shit it is a very sad story the one about this America and I told the police how much you irritate me and now it has sent the most dangerous clowns and they, they are following you dumb ass
V.K. – Well, seems like this story has really irritated you, if you’ve gone to the police. Why didn’t you break the phone on which you read it, and to end this drama. But still it is good that you did read the story, something was bugging you how far will this nonsense go.

2018-05-13 15:31:29.844
Hello ! I am very interested and I want to learn about coming performances of Mr. Karamazov in other towns, for example Varna, Plovdiv and other places on the Black Sea coast for example… You always react perfectly quick and helpful and I thank you very much for everything, for the information and for the nice attitude (y)!
V.K. – I will visit Plovdiv in September with “Delhi Dance” at the international theatre festival “Stage on Crossroad”, then in Ruse, Burgas and again Plovdiv – in November with “Neo-Summerfolks”.

2018-05-16 17:56:44.471
Does he have Facebook profile?
V.K. – I have Facebook profile. Here it is: Click Here

2018-05-21 17:09:24.411
Send many greetings to the Taurus we have seen each other in person at his mother who is Scorpio I wish him luck in everything and everywhere
V.K. – Greetings to you too. The coolest sign – horned but good!!!

2018-05-23 16:34:19.110
How long will Vlado’s stickers be active on the Viber Sticker Market?
V.K. – Stickers will be available till July 27th, 2018. Hurry up and download them. After that they will remain in your phone forever. Until you lose your phone, but I do not wish this to anyone.

2018-05-23 16:38:30.091
Will Vlado join this year the European initiative Theatres Night as an ambassador?
V.K. – Yes he will join it yet again. This year it will be very interesting and Vladrob Connecto will be a main assistant to the Night. He will provide a lot of information about the programme, productions, events, ambassadors for this wonderful event. Follow him only on Viber starting in August.

2018-05-27 21:12:55.477
Magnificent production! Today “Delhi Dance” moved me… It would be nice if the real Vlado could experience the same feeling as the audience has while watching his performances!
V.K. – It is very nice to hear such words about something very dear to me. Thank you. I like very much this production and I am in love with the Ivan Vyrypaev’s text.

2018-06-06 07:11:56.279
Hey, your name is Scum Connecto
V.K. – Well now we’ll have a fight. This is the super cool Connecto and I don’t want to hear any shit about him. It’s ok about me, but about him – no. The end and period.

2018-06-09 07:20:17.265
You don’t look like that because it’s a man who is photoshoped. You’re stupid and ugly and I wont you to call me so I can see you and hear you in person
V.K. – He will not call you because you’re being rude to him. Photoshop is for improving, like a plastic surgeon. He did not like something in himself and that’s why he used the help of the Photoshop. What’s the bad in this? When women get bigger boobs are we mocking at them???

2018-06-10 22:56:29.541
Does he read what you’re brewing for him when he’s not around
V.K. – I read, I read. I read everything.

2018-06-11 07:11:17.230
Godbye Vladrob you were not one of the interesting people
V.K. – You are very wrong. He is one of the interesting people. If you have deleted him, very soon you will hear about him that he has become the mega chatbot and you will come back again. You will remember how you pressed the Delete button and you will wonder what nonsense you have done. But with time people learn. Mark my words!

2018-06-12 07:55:47.889
Vlado is a Cock
V.K. – Vlado is a nice c…!

2018-06-14 06:00:44.670
Just wanted to share that last night I watched him in “The Fisherman and His Soul”! Great performance, impressive Vlado Karamazov, and the production itself – brilliant!
V.K. – Like, like, like.

2018-06-16 07:38:46.748
Buddy I very much beg you stop writing this because it irritates me please stop stop stop stop stop I will sing you a song where I will sing about her I will sing you about you how disgusting you are
V.K. – Please give me this song. Sing it and send it to me, I will post it on my social networks so more people will watch it and listen to it. Please.

2018-06-25 20:10:07.964
Send Vladko many greetings from VladiCar
V.K. – This is the greatest instructor and the best driver. If you want to learn to drive a car or a motorcycle or a truck and want to get a license, the place is Dupnitsa – VladiCar.

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