They Ask Me 23 December 2019

Part of project “Tireless People under 40” Vladimir Karamazov – age still 40 Supported by NIVEA Ina – If you had the power to change one thing in humanity, what would it be and would you use that power? Vlado – Oh yes, I would use it! In the last years, what shakes me most […]

Kalin Nikolov and His Bass in the Theatre 05 December 2019

Part of project “Tireless People under 40” Kalin Nikolov – age 37 Supported by NIVEA I wish you would listen to Kalin’s music while reading this text. I have placed in the text links directly to his music. Music from Fasten Music from Observers Music from The Black Swan Kalin is a composer and creates […]

The Boutique Creative Director 22 November 2019

Part of project “Tireless People under 40” Georgi Panchev – age 34 Supported by NIVEA The first thing I heard about Georgi (Joro) was that he is an odd and sulky type of a person. I had to find a very good artist (creative designer) for important projects we had. I wanted a really good […]

Wings of Desire 31 October 2019

Part of project “Tireless People under 40” Hristo Petkov – age 39 Supported by NIVEA The first thing I associate Hristo with nowadays is chess or FIFA on his phone. You tell him something, he simulates listening. And every time you are very interesting to him, but first he will finish playing his chess and […]

The Best Summer 10 October 2019

…and the Man who is not an Island entire of itself…  Part of project “Tireless People under 40” Dimitar Nikolov – age 27 Supported by NIVEA  This story begins in a certain summer. A summer when a father and a son spend their best time, drinking cold beer and eating fish in the villages on […]

Arranging the Movie Pieces 25 September 2019

Part of project “Tireless People under 40” Victoria Radoslavova – age 29 Supported by NIVEA This girl is 29 years old. She will surprise you with her courage and strength. Besides her successful career, she struggles with anoteasy fate that life has sent her. A serious test that requires a strong mentality. She does not […]

At Age Seven, on Rainbows and the Sun 04 September 2019

Part of project “Tireless People under 40” Peter Miloshev – age 7 Supported by NIVEA   I like very much Nikita Mihalkov’s movie – “Anna from 6 to 18”. That is why I let myself take a classic interview from Peter Miloshev. I never do it because I am not a journalist. I only write […]


Part of project “Tireless People under 40” Pavel Vesnakov – age 32 Supported by NIVEA   I heard about Pavel Vesnakov (Pavka) from my friend Hristina Apostolova. She – head writer of “Stolen Life” TV series, he – one of its directors since the first episode. She was telling me lots of nice things about him and […]

Ina – The Underwater Machine 15 July 2019

Part of project “Tireless People under 40” Ina Dimitrova – age 34 Supported by NIVEA I met this girl when I first hosted “Survivor” (“Expedition Robinson” in the Dominican Republic). She was a participant in this reality show. Humble, quiet and naive. That is how she was in the show. There was something very funny […]

Powha 28 June 2019

Part of project “Tireless People under 40” Supported by NIVEA Powha – aged 39   The pursuit of perfection! Whoever follows this path will have a difficult life. He will be tormented, despairing, depressed. He will very rarely recognize his own success, because it will never be enough. Not everyone goes along this path, not […]

The Story of Vlado Karamazov’s Stickers Vol. 2 06 April 2019

  It all started in February 2018. My friend Stoyan Haralampiev, whom I know about our bikes, told me that he was joining a young company that develops a chatbot platform. “What platform?” – I asked. He smiled and for about an hour told me everything, showed me such platform on Viber, and I got […]

Maria… from The Night 28 December 2018

Part of project “Talented People” I will introduce to you a person whom you cannot know. But, she is important to me and I think it will be interesting for you. I met her years ago and since then we have been making many projects, helping and supporting each other. Her name is Maria. I […]

Dr. Kostadin Angelov – The Composed Medical Director 24 December 2018

Part of project “Talented People” I met Dr.Kostadin Angelov during the first Survivor in 2007, filmed on Samana Island in the Dominican Republic. I associate this reality format with several people and Kosta is one of them. He was a kind of an emblem of our team. A very dear man with whom we all […]

Diana Dobreva – Mistress of Minotaur and Golden Lady 05 December 2018

Part of project “Talented People” I do not remember when I met Diana. In my mind I have always known her. When we were at the beginning of our careers, crazy and under 25, we used to go to parties and entertaining evenings. Not often, but we did it. And always the same thing happened. […]

Ivan Panteleev… True Man, Alert Man… 28 October 2018

Part of “Mission Maverick” project.   I heard about him years ago from my friend Radena Valkanova. She is very close to the person from the title. For me Ivan Panteleev was an image, he existed in the stories shared by Radena. From these stories he seemed nice. Radena really loved him, both for himself […]

Petya Kamburova – The adventurous girl 18 October 2018

Part of “Mission Maverick” project.   Petya Kamburova is 26 years old. This detail is essential to the story. I want to introduce her to you because she is a real vortex or rather a step ahead of life, which is chasing her tirelessly. I will try to recreate and describe everything, with which this […]

Alexandrina Pendatchanska … The One Who Makes Magic 09 October 2018

Part of “Mission Maverick” project.   I attended her solo concert at Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture in 2016. It was full. She sang arias from her roles on the world stages. For each of them she wore a different dress that turned her into a shining point on the stage. The […]


Part of “Mission Maverick” project   The next person in the nice initiative “Chasing Mavericks”, supported by Glenfiddich, is a young girl I know since she was little. I want to start the story about her with that, because it reminds me that the clock is ticking and time flies. I have known her since […]

Atanas Matsoureff – The Light Catcher 18 September 2018

Part of “Mission Maverick” project I have first heard of Atanas from the owners of a small town gallery. I like fine arts and I have told myself that every time I earn some more money I will spend some of it on works of art. I want to be a small link in the […]

“The Poets” of 03 September 2018

Part of project “The Poets” of “”   If there is something I am proud of about being a Bulgarian, it is our poets. Because they have written poems that are so good I am amazed how they have been created. Images of words that I do not understand how could have been invented, and […]

People of the Theatre – Part 2 26 July 2018

Part of project “People of the Theatre” Here continues the series where I present people of the theatre. Those who the audience does not see, but who are just as important to the theatre as we – the actors – are. Here I will present mostly people working in the National Theatre for many years. […]

Vlado Karamazov’s Stickers – A Story in Pictures 17 July 2018

Part of project “Vlado Karamazov and Viber” When I started making the Viber stickers, I very much wanted them to be my story in my work and partly in my life. I wanted to recreate a series of pictures related to my roles, including also my hobbies, and thus be a colourful story in pictures. […]

The Master of the Matrix 06 June 2018

Part of project “Talented People” I am very happy that life met me with Tony. He is the perfect man in the context of today’s reality. Smart, well-mannered, educated, delicate, sharp, sensitive and frank. When I communicate with him I feel that my profession has slightly deformed me, I have lost the delicacy in communication, […]

Samurai – Always Ready for Battle 17 May 2018

Part of project “Talented People” Hristina Apostolova  This text is very important to me. I want to write it to draw a special attention to an important person to me, so important that I am worried now if I can do it well – concentrated and precisely to pour out my love for her and […]

Evtim Miloshev, or an Anchor and a Watch Keeping the Spirit of Something Real 02 May 2018

Part of project “Talented People” There are people with whom life connects you. Just like that, without much wanting or looking for them. People with whom you go through storms and beautiful moments, through joy and troubles. But despite everything, they are around you and you help each other in this battle called Life. Evtim […]

The angel with the anaesthetics 19 April 2018

Part of project “Talented People” I met Dr. Zdravkov, or Bobby, as I call him, during the last Survivor in Cambodia. He was one of the doctors who took care of the team and the participants. This work in this format is extremely complex and you need to have complex qualities. It’s not enough just […]

People of the Theatre – Part 1 08 March 2018

Part of project “People of the Theatre” I’ve been thinking how very rarely we talk about the people who service the theatre. About the departments in the theatre. Rarely anybody talks about them, and almost nobody has seen or shown them. They are very important to the theatre, and it cannot function without them. They […]

The boys from Enhancv 12 February 2018

Part of project “Great Together” I really want my blog to be a place where you’ll meet talented young people who succeed and have achievements in their endeavours. People I know and people who daily inspire me with their consistency and tirelessness in pursuing their dreams. Because they are the good example and a source […]

Three Meetings in “Great Together” 10 January 2018

Part of project “Great Together” In the summer of 2017 our partners in many Grant’s projects suggested to me and Julian Vergov to do something nice and positive. To participate in a project to help people overcome a fear, achieve a dream, and boldly continue with their endeavours. We had to find them, provoke them […]