“Delhi Dance” for the First Time in Plovdiv at “Stage at Crossroad” Festival

One of the most rewarded productions last season – “Delhi Dance”, will premiere to the Plovdiv audience on September 13th, during the 22nd edition of the international theatre festival “Stage at Crossroad”. In the Ivan Vyrypaev play, a hit of the contemporary European theatre, Vlado Karamazov partners with five actresses – Radina Kurdzhilova, Radena Valkanova, Sofia Bobcheva, Svetlana Yancheva and Elena Telbis. Set design is by Nikola Toromanov, and music – by Emilyan Gatsov (Elby).
“Every production I perform in Plovdiv is highly emotional and exciting because the audience in the town on the hills has a wonderful theatrical taste and is an inspiration for every actor. I am glad that “Delhi Dance” will be performed for the first time in Plovdiv as part of “Stage at Crossroad” festival” – Vlado Karamazov shared.
Director Galin Stoev, who has put the play at the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”, defines the production form as “television realism”, which “at moments looks like a sitcom, a TV show”. The seven plays that construct “Delhi Dance” raise a series of existential questions – what to do with the suffering in the world; what happens to us when we join this programme of reproduction of the suffering; what would be the role of the art to alchemize the suffering by creating new reality; what is love, death, loss…
This year the emblematic autumn festival in Plovdiv will be held from 11th to 24th September, and will be dominated by the “Magic” – this is the main message of the “Stage on Crossroad”. Emil Rahnev from the creative team of the theatrical forum says that the Magic in the Theatre is “all that makes us wander, fly, whimper, swim in the butterflies fields. What makes us make up the gestures, our words, produce stories and wisdom, concurrences and reconciliations, shouts and silence. Theatre is the season that has never been in the calendar, the rain that weathermen do not recognize, the sun in the cape, the winter, an autumn leaf in mid-July. It is everything that rhymes with the poems, with the winds, with the whole nature…”
“Delhi Dance” trailer: