Gloris Genius – Gena with first prizes and show titles 5 February 2019

Vlado Karamazov’s Riesenschnauzer Gloris Genius – Gena made his debut at the international dog show CACIB, which took place on 19th and 20th January 2019 in Sofia. The first participation of the 7-month old Gena was accompanied by a lot of emotions and excitement, as well as challenging races. The final results are more than successful – prizes 2×Very Promising, 2×BOB puppy, 1×BIS puppy 2.
Important requirements for a successful show life of a dog are proximity to the breed standard, beautiful movements and performance on the ring. Handler of Gloris Genius – Gena is Aneliya Shankova – Petkova, and groomer is Diana Lutzkanova.
Gena has been imported from Russia from “Gloris” kennel – one of the world’s largest kennels with excellent reputation. This is an incubator of future champions and elite representatives of the Riesenschnauzer breed. The owner of the kennel Olga Seliverstova and Olga Erofeeva preserve the breed in its perfect form. Gloris Genius’s mother is Gloris Way Fire Fly. She is a champion of Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Macedonia and world champion for 2017. His father is the star of Russia – Gloris Galileo.
“I adore Riesenschnauzers, for me they are the most beautiful dogs. I always wanted to have a dog from a big kennel and last year it happened. Gena represents the largest size among the Schnauzers”, Vlado shared about his new pet.
In 2019, Gloris Genius – Gena will have many more national and international appearances.
Shortly after Gena’s appearance came the news that he and Paris Kambani will be faces of Royal Canin – the global pet food company. The brand supports cynology champions around the world. In addition, it is created and cares for the health of our pets. For their elite genealogies, Paris and Gena will deservedly represent the brand in Bulgaria as well as at all international dog shows. This is a partnership that begins in the early age of Paris and Gena, we keep our fingers crossed that it is a long-lasting one, and that they will have big success, and most of all that Vlado Karamazov’s favourites will be healthy and happy.

Watch video from the dog show and Gena’s performance HERE.
Kennel – Gloris
Handler – Aneliya Shankova – Petkova
Groomer – Diana Lutzkanova
Food – Royal Canin