New Photography Website 25 December 2019

Today is December 25th, Christmas Day. Today marks the third birthday of my website. During these 3×365 days many projects have been realised there. And that is the reason why it has been created. Next year I wish it and myself the realisation of the two projects that I have been thinking about for a long time, which I believe will be something big and meaningful for both me and you. Time will tell. The main photos are changed and you can see them in the different sections. On the photos I am dressed in the mega cool clothes of POWHA.

On the occasion of the birthday of, I have made a new photo website. Not that I consider myself a serious photographer. Just that, with the slight mess on the social networks, I cannot organise and mark my photo achievements. Maybe not all photos are great, but each one has an important story, experience, or moment that I will remember. On the website, I will publish my narrow selection of photos, photography projects, stories, news, and media appearances. The “Stories” section is the most important reason to create the website. This is my sort of “manipulation” to the audience. The short text will point the thoughts to a certain direction, and then the photos will complement it. The idea came to me when I met “death” months ago. I really met her and followed her for about two hours. I will not say more, you will see it in “Stories”. In the “Appearances” section, I will mark all publications of my photos on media, online, social networks, exhibitions, print editions, etc. In the last week, two important photo profiles have featured my photos, which is a very nice recognition. The profiles are of the Bulgarian photographic website Photo Forum and the VSCO world platform. In the “Gallery” section, I will upload only the photos that I choose, as some stage of my development. This website is a new drop to my humble media group and another place where I will try to create my art and content. The website was designed by Angel Terziev from “London, Sofia, Moscow”. Today, on Christmas Day, starts its first year in the online space.