Premiere of Vlado Karamazov’sFirst GIF Collection


Vlado Karamazov’s first own GIFs are already a fact. His official channel on GIPHY has 25 short videos with fun emotions and reactions recreated by the actor. Vlado is the first Bulgarian artist to develop such a platform. The 4-second videos show sadness, anger, outrage, laughter, joy, love, madness… Each video has animated and motion graphics created by Shoot that add more spirits and authenticity. The GIF collection is published in the actor’s profile on GIPHY here. From any GIF you can take a link and use it on chat platforms and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Viber, WhatsApp, and more.

On Viber the GIFs can be used both in personal chats with friends, as well as in the groups and communities you follow. If you like the GIFs, you can easily save them to the “Favourites”directory by clicking the “golden star” iconon Viber. This will save you all the steps and you will have a GIF on an easy place for a reuse, and you can also reshare it once it is already sent to you.

GIFs are more and more used as a funny response on social networks and messaging channels. They are also among the favourite communication options that Vlado uses on his social networks. After the pilot GIFpackage, there are plans for more – with different themes and content – for holidays, important events for the actor, and interesting life events.

The pilot collection of Vlado Karamazov’s GIFs is inspired by NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto.