To Your Attention … Vlado’s Summer GIFs 12 July 2019

The new GIF collection of Vlado Karamazov has made its official debut on Rakuten Viber. 30 funny GIFs recreate summer emotions and beach moments, although they are shot in the actor’s backyard in Sofia. Paris and Gena (his favourite Schnauzers) join this summer pack in a very sweet way, showing their love for Vlado without any embarrassment. “We all plan and dream of a summer holiday, so I decided to help the vacation mood come faster and stay longer”, Vlado shares.

He is the first Bulgarian actor to develop his own GIFs, and with the help of Viber he can realise his ideas so that they reach the general public. Viber has conducted a study among the Bulgarian users of the app with the question what are the most used and preferred GIFs. The results show that the users place pets and actors on the first two places about favourite content. The new Vlado’s GIFs combine a “bit” of both, which is a premise for their extensive use, both in the summer heat and at the beach party or leisure moments.

Viber has recently released a unique service that allows the app partners to have gifs with own original content. The gifs are available to everyone in an easy and convenient place in an open chat, in the fourth icon on the message bar. Clicking the GIF icon you will see the green icon of Vlado’s summer GIFs. You can use them as a response in your chats or share them with friends. And the ones you like most you can add to your favourites (opening a full-screen GIF, an asterisk appears at the top right corner of the screen, clicking it will automatically add the GIF to your favourites).

The main perpetrators of the cute GIFs are #karamazovfoto (video capture) and SHOOT (visual design).

The photos above are a quick guide on where you can find these GIFs on Viber.