Vlado, Gero and Julian present “Spinach and Chips” in May 28 April 2018

On May, 4th (at 19:30h) and May, 19th (at 16:30h and 19:30h), Gero, Vlado and Julian will serve three portions of “Spinach and Chips”.

Unlike Vlado, Gerasim Georgiev-Gero, like Julian, is a keen football fan. As a child he was even a centre back of the school team. Now he sympathizes with “Levski” and “Manchester United”. In May, he will be Artist in one of the bestselling comedies in the Satirical Theatre.

Besides the expected details on the niceties of the soccer referees, there will be also huge amounts of laughter. In the Referees’ Changing Room, unexpected emotions and feelings “emerge” from the relationships of the referees’ trio Artist, Soap and Laci. On the surface come impressive truths about football, betrayal, loneliness, career at all costs, compromises…

May, 4th, 19:30h and May, 19th, 16:30h and 19:30h – Satirical Theatre “Aleko Konstantinov”

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