Vlado Karamazov Met with Students from “Nadezhda” District 21 April 2019

At the invitation of the Mayor of “Nadezhda” district, eng. Dimitar Dimov, Vlado Karamazov met with students from the 54th secondary school “Ivan Rilski” in Sofia. The actor talked about his love for theatre, the first steps, the dreams and their realisation. He particularly emphasized that young people have to set goals, and pursue them hard, because this is the way for their achievement and being truly happy. The meeting had great interest from the students, and Vlado answered the many questions about his everyday life, the series he is filming at the moment, and the interesting stories behind the scenes on the set.

“For me such meetings with students and young people in Bulgaria are a real pleasure. Whenever I have the opportunity to meet with them I do it, because it helps me see their way of thinking and developing, it is nice to feel the pulse of the future generation”, Vlado said.