Vlado Karamazov presents “Game of Chatbots” on Praktika Platform on February 21st 7 February 2019

Vlado Karamazov will be a special guest on the Praktika education platform. Together with Vassil Petev from Smartloop, he will talk about what is happening in the chatbot world, what are the trends and best practices of the “game” with these attractive digital assistants. The host of the “high-tech” event “Game of Chatbots” is Carrusel Club, the date is February 21st (Thursday), the entrance is free, the event starts at 19:30 h.
According to experts in the field of new technologies, future belongs to chatbots. These online assistants become smarter and smarter, with many opportunities and wide range. Some of them even have in their software a built-in artificial intelligence that allows them to memorize the users’ questions, as well as their answers. Thus, they collect a considerable amount of information that they use adequately in subsequent interactions. They evolve by themselves and do not need constant alterations. All this sounds like science fiction, but for the last couple of years it is quite real and enjoys a growing interest and application in everyday life.
Vlado Karamazov is the first Bulgarian actor with his own place on the Viber platform. Since last year, he has Chatbot and Community on one of the world’s largest VoIP applications. Vladrob Smartloop chatbot on Viber is latest generation of digital assistant, meeting all the requirements for problem-free and quick finding of information.
Vassil Petev has over 17 years of experience in software management and marketing. Currently he is the co-owner of Smartloop – the online solution for creating virtual agents and chatbots. He has a previous experience with software company Telerik, where he has been a team leader with a focus on revenue growth through online product marketing.
Praktika is a platform for trainings and events in the field of communications. On Praktika platform, meetings are face to face with the people who know not only the theory but also the practice of the professions in marketing and advertising: design and copywriting, strategic planning, dealing with clients, production, media planning and public relations.
Technical partners of the event are our friends from STREAMER.BG. Nescafé Dolce Gusto will treat the guests with a tasty hot drink.
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