Vlado Karamazov Returned to “Stolen Life” – Season 7 9 April 2019

Vlado Karamazov pleased the viewers with the long-awaited answer to the hundreds of questions by the fans of the actor and the series “Stolen life” – his character Hristo Karagyozov returned to the seventh season of the hit TV show.
“Hristo Karagyozov is a challenging role for an actor. Hristo faces extraordinary difficulties both personally and professionally, which leave their mark on his behaviour and his thoughts. To recreate these states and internal struggles believably and captivatingly is a real satisfaction for me as an actor”, Vlado shared.
What will happen to Hristo Karagyozov in the seventh season of the series? Will he face even more difficulties and trials? How will he react? Will he find happiness in his personal life? How will he develop professionally as a doctor?
To find out all this and more about Hristo Karagyozov, watch “”Stolen Life” series – Season 7, weekly from Tuesday to Thursday, at 20:00 h, on Nova TV.
And Vlado Karamazov wishes you a nice time watching!