I created this site not just to show what I’ve done but as a balance-sheet of the work so far. A balance-sheet of the dreams. I’m 38 years old now, which means 20 years in the acting business. I did and achieved the things you’ll see here. For some people they will seem a lot, for others – little, but for me these are the important projects, which made me as a person and a professional. The conclusion for these 20 years is that I became an actor.

Now comes the next period, which will probably be shorter, but more important. A period to achieve the bigger dreams. When I was 20 my thoughts were light and bold. I was self-confident and believed without reservation that I will achieve what I want. Now I think a bit differently. I have a fear – will there be enough time, will the remaining years be sufficient to go where my biggest dreams are. Seems I’m not such an optimist anymore. That’s another reason why I made this site – to announce that I’m heading for the more important part of my life, to the peaks of my dreams. If there are valuable projects then I’m on the right track, if not – I’ve obviously tripped somewhere.

I’ve repeated “dreams” many times. It is because they are my engine, my striving and I will not stop following them. For me success in life is when we achieve the big, nice and impossible dreams. I hope when comes the time the dreams to be gone and only memories to remain, these memories will have a long and complete road, that long road of my dreams.

If what you see here serves as an example to the striving people, if you see that anything is possible if only you’re true to yourself and believe in yourself, then I’ll be quite satisfied.


Bon Voyage to the big dreams!

Vladimir Karamazov