More about the Viber Community 9 May 2018

We should remember that this is an innovation currently being developed to become the perfect place to communicate with many people with similar interests. And you and me, we are part of those who work for it.

There are three types of roles in the community. Super Administrator – as I am, administrators – such are Julian Vergov and Teodora Duhovnikova, and members – that’s you. At the moment everyone can write, as long as I permit this functionality. I don’t do it, because it will become a cacophony. There will be many improvements in mid-May. One of them will refer precisely to the way each member of the community writes and reacts.

All photos and videos I post are stored in your phone. If you don’t want this to happen, you should go to “Multimedia” in your account and check that you do not want them downloaded to your phone.

There is also a QR code symbol in your profile. It is embedded in the application and you can use it when you see one in the future for joining another community.

When the first version of the Community came out, a sound notification appeared when each new post was published. Naturally, it’s not pleasant, because when we work or rest, we do not want to be disturbed, and this way the application becomes aggressive to us. So, for a few days, I’m not posting anything, not to bother you with a sound. In the new, improved version, there will be no sound but only a notification that there are new posts published. When you see them will be entirely up to you and your mood.

Interesting people from showbiz and sports will join the Community. We will talk, have fun and enjoy it together. This will happen soon. Until then, I will try to intrigue you with the upcoming works. And they are interesting.

Unlike other social networks, it’s hard to miss something here. You will see everything, though not immediately but when you are in the mood for it because it will appear to you as a message. This way I will keep in touch with you and will introduce you to everything interesting about and around me and my work.

When all the functionalities are developed by Viber, everyone will be able to create own community, invite people or be discovered by interests.

Viber is a light application and does not burden your phone.

What will you be able to do:

  • to like the posts with the heart, which becomes purple when pressed;
  • when most features are clarified, everyone will be able to write without bordering us and without receiving countless messages;
  • with the mid-May improvements, you will be able to invite your friends in the community and so we become more, you will be able to find the community in the Viber search engine because it is an authorized and legitimate Viber channel;
  • stickers will be available for 3 months – until 26.07.2018, so don’t miss to download them until that date; you will be able to use them permanently until you change your phone;
  • I will consult you about things that interest me and thus we’ll have the most accurate idea of the attitudes and moods, times more accurate than any statistical studies;
  • you will see everything around me in posts, videos, photos and links.