Vladrob Has Changed His Name

The chatbot of Vladimir Karamazov on Viber has changed his name! The nice digital assistant of the actor has already a new last name – Smartloop. Vladrob has promised to be even smarter, more disobedient and audacious, but also – to continue to be a main source of information about everything new and interesting around Vlado.

Vladrob has been adopted in July 2018, after it became clear that his creators Connecto merged with Leanplum – an American mobile marketing mega company, founded by the Bulgarian entrepreneur Momchil Kyurkchiev. Connecto is the startup company of Vassil Popovski, Vladimir Rusev and Radoslav Nikolov. In a short time, the company has managed to develop successful technologies for Viber bots. One of their children is also Vlado Karamazov’s bot. After this happy news about the young company and its transition to another technological level, a new company had to be found, which would take care of Vladrob. This is how the guys from Smartloop.ai appeared.

Smartloop.ai is an innovative company, founded in 2016 by the employees of the famous Bulgarian software companies Telerik. Its headquarters are in San Francisco but it has a very strong Bulgarian office. The people running the company are flexible and driven to create the best in the chat space in order to engage and conquer the fans of brands, people and firms, but without the technical complications. Their platform offers much more options for creating bots, like easier creation in the user panel, better solutions for the visual presentation of the chat and the opportunity of the bots to “get smarter” using artificial intelligence (after all, Smartloop.ai has collectively over 50 years of experience in creating software solutions). In addition to Viber bots support, Smartloop can create bots on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, SMS, WeChat and website as well.

Everyone can create a chatbot in Smartloop, depending on the needs of the company and the business. The chatbot can be used also by popular people in arts and sports with rich fan base of followers. If you wish to contact them, write them at hello@smartloop.ai and they will help you.

Naturally, Vladrob feels great in their hands, he becomes more intelligent, more interesting and constantly evolving. So, of course, he took the last name of his new parents as well. Now his name is Vladrob Smartloop.